Monday Mountain Outfit of the Day

Good morning from the mountains today!  We are up in Dillon, Colorado near a neat snow town/resort called Keystone.  This trip has been an amazing trip with my family all together, my sister from Georgia even was able to fly into town.  Today I wanted to feature my beautiful mom Julie.  I love my mom so much!!!  She is such a strong woman, always encouraging and always giving.  Anyone who knows my mom knows she is super creative!  She is always coming up with the best ideas and making something unique out of anything.  This is one thing I know I inherited from her and I love it!  My mom always has the cutest style.  Sometimes people will ask me where I got my clothes and I have to give my mom credit because she either bought it for me or passed it down to me.  Here is a simple outfit anyone can re-create!!! I love this black shirt.  The design on it is unique and it's perfect to wear with leggings.  It's super loose and comfortable.  My favorite part of the shirt is the zippers on each side.  This shirt is from Sundance, check out their website at







The leggings are the brand Athletica and have a ruffled look on the bottom of each leg.  I love the pop of color that she has added to her outfit with her teal bandana.  What a great way to add to the outfit and you can just about find any color of bandana.

Hope you enjoy your day.  We plan to go tubing or sledding and enjoy our last day in this beautiful town. 

Till next time, 

XoXo Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste