Cowboy's Wife Wisdom!

Image-1 Don't get me wrong, I love a nice pair of heels, but I honestly can only wear them for a couple hours.  So this is my new mantra for when I decide to go anywhere.  From my muck boots to my Rios of Mercedes "shaved stingrays" you can usually find me out and in about in some pair of boots.  With this awesome life I live, I'm usually going from feeding bulls, wrangling kids then straight to town for a grocery trip or church.  What could be more versatile than a pair of boots?  I'm sure I'm not the only lady out there who's made this decision a time or too.  Sometimes I can get so caught up in looking at Instagram and Facebook and seeing all of these gorgeous girls dressed up for posh events and I honestly wish I could be one of them sometimes.  But then I look around my house and most of the time I see Cheerios thrown on the floor, toys everywhere and laundry waiting to be folded, but then I hear my babies say, "Mommy, come sit with me" or "Mommy can we go outside and ride horses?"  I realize how blessed we are to live out where we do and where we have these opportunitie to see my girls grow up in all of this beauty.  No night out in heels could ever take it's place. 

Have a great day (hopefully in your boots!)

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace