What I'm Listening To: Aaron Watson

AaronWatsonCDCover2015 We have been busy at the Lostroh homestead.  We just bucked our yearling bulls for the first time last Monday and I'm so proud of my husband and the hardwork he's put into raising some real buckers.  It's always interesting the first time we buck them because they are so uncoordinated, but come the second time around and most of them will have it figured out.  We  also have cows and heifers moved into the closest pasture that has shelter to get ready to calve and we're patiently waiting for our crazy calving season to begin.  Here in Colorado we really do need the moisture but I'd be just fine with it staying in the 50's and 60's until after the last calf hits the ground.  But either way we'll be ready for them!

Like I've mentioned before I'm a morning person and my girls are shaping up to be just like mom in that department.  They're so giddy and giggly in the morning and I love putting music on for us to listen to while I get them dressed and fed breakfast in the mornings.  The majority of my playlists are composed of praise and worship songs, but I'll proudly admit that I'm a country girl at heart.  I grew up listening to Glenn Campbell, Chris LeDoux and Dan Seal tapes in my dad's truck driving to rodeos.  I'll always reminisce back to those days when I hear "All That Glitters."  But man, I really don't listen to much of today's country.  It's just lost on me.  The tight jeans, girls in the trucks and party songs are just not my Cup O'Tea!

With all that said, I'm a huge Aaron Watson fan!  His songs are what country music has always been to me...great story telling!  Good country music always tells a story and it always evokes feelings when you hear it.  Aaron's songs are just that, great stories.  His latest album, The Underdog, is one of the best album's I've heard in a long, long time.  I love listening to it from the first song to the last because it really does take you on a journey the whole way through the album. All of his songs on this album are great, but my favorites have to be Bluebonnets and The Underdog.  Bluebonnets is such a beautiful song, it starts off by detailing his beloved grandparents and all that they taught him, then goes onto such sweet words explaining how he kissed his baby girl goodbye when she died shortly after birth.  It can't get much more real life than that.  His voice just exudes the heartfelt feelings he had to be having about losing a child.  I love the words, "Still I remain blindfolded and full of faith." It just shows that after such a tragic event it brought him closer to God. 

The Underdog is such a great song, especially for a mom or dad.  I love the thought of writing letters to your kids reminding them of everything you want them to keep hold of when they grow and leave the house and start their own lives.  This song is exactly that, a letter to his boys.  "Boy's, don't forget your faith in God above, don't you forget your mom and daddy's love, when you fear, when you fail, when you feel you're gonna fall, follow your heart and always believe in the underdog." I just absolutely love these words.  What a sermon! Haha!

Aaron's album has been the number one country album on iTunes for a couple weeks now, but you most likely won't hear any of his songs on the radio unless you're in Texas.  It's a shame that we can turn on the radio with kids in the car and hear about girls shaking their butts or how drunk a guy got the night before and he doesn't know the name of the girl next to him in his bed, but we can't hear about man loving his wife after decades of marriage and how she still is the most beautiful woman to him.  I'd love to hear Aaron's music on mainstream radio, but I guess it's just a testament of how much our world has changed.  So I will just encourage any of you reading this to go and take a listen to his songs.  If you're a Chris LeDoux or Gearge Strait fan, you will love Aaron's songs.

I pray you have an amazing weekend!  We're supposed to be in the 50's here in Colorado all weekend long so you can be we'll be soaking up the sunshine while it lasts.

Cooped Up Mama Candace