Outfit of the Day: Driving to Grandma's House

Today we had the oh-so-glamorous event of driving down to my parent's house.  The sun is shining and the girls are happy so it should be a great day for the drive.  We're headed down there to pick up a few pieces of furniture that my mom found at some second hand stores.  She is the ultimate scavenger when it comes to finding good pieces to fix up!  She's quick to remind me that I was always so embarrassed when I was younger when she'd stop on the side of the road to grab a chair somebody had dumped or how she'd drag me to every garage sale or flea market that we drove past on the weekends and now I'm begging her to take me with her!  Wow, have times have changed!  And really for the better!  I can't imagine going to pay top dollar for any furniture from a retail store now! Kirste and I always want to be real here on our blog.  It's the main reason we created it.  We love to interview real women who are just "doing life" and hopefully bettering this world we live in by how they live.  So today you'll find my outfit is just that, real. 


Kirste actually handed down this knitted tank to me because it was too short for her and I really like it, it's from Express.  It's a great neutral piece that can go with anything in my closet.  I paired it with black leggings and a jean jacket.  The leggings and jacket are both from Tar-Jay (Target, haha!) I love that store! 


I'm sure you've picked up from my past posts that I'm a Boot Girl, these Campus Boots from Frye get a lot of use from me and I'm pretty sure they will never go out of style.  These boot socks are from Livewire Clothing and they add a fun girly flair to this otherwise simple outfit. 


My infinity scarf is made of THE softest t-shirt material and I picked it up from PacSun a few years ago.  I'm a pretty low-maintenance person when it comes to my hair and I've found that braids can be my best friend when it comes to getting out of the house quick and Amber Fillerup has the best tutorials on YouTube for mastering braids. 


There's so many days that I'm just at home with my girls working in and around the house, but I've found that I'm always a little more productive with my day if I don't stay in the proverbial "Yoga Pants" all day long and Pinterest is so inspiring when it comes to putting together outfits with clothes that are already in my closet. 

So here's to being ANTI-YOGA PANTS for the day!

Have a good one!

Cooped Up Mama Candace