Little Cowboys: Outfit of the Day!

DSC_2817DSC_2820Here is my little cowboy today! Traycen has always loved dressing himself, sometimes re-dressing himself a couple times throughout the day.  We now have limited his outfits to two a day.  I thought this was a "girl thing", but surely it's not.  I think this is because throughout the day he could go from being a cowboy, to a wrestler, to a ninja-turtle and so on.  I love that about kids that their minds can create and make believe to be whatever they want to be.  To them it doesn't matter, they just go with it.  Today he has decided to dress cowboy.  He has started this new thing recently after we saw a friend of ours down in Stephenville, Texas where he will wear a t-shirt and then his cowboy shirt over his t-shirt.  Kids notice the littlest things and they are like sponges!  I am glad to say that I don't mind if he wants to dress like this young gentleman, he definitely made an influence on Traycen with our short visit with him.   Traycens pick for the day!

The breakdown!



DSC_2797My other Cooped Up Mama Candace found these Anderson Bean boots for Traycen.  Now most of you who know the brand Anderson Bean know that the kids boots are still quite expensive, but here's the catch, these weren't.  Candace found these for about $17 at a kids re-sale store down in Brighton, Colorado.  I love anything with a good bargain!!!  What a great deal.  Traycen loves the color and the fact that Miss Candace and Sheridan got them for him!  




The jeans he is wearing are from Big R.  Now we have a Big R Mercantile store up by us, but they don't have the deals on jeans that we find down by my parents house.  The jeans we find down there are "irregulars".  Although they are marked "irregular", the only thing I have found different with them is maybe the seam at the bottom of the pants.  You can't notice much wrong with these jeans and instead of being $45-$55 for kids jeans, they are $10 a pair.  They come in Wranglers and Twenty X, which are the ones he is wearing in this picture.


The printed shirt Traycen is wearing here is from the brand "Cherokee".  You can usually can find graphic T's like these at Target.  I love Target because they usually have really good deals on kids, adult clothes!  

Here are some other awesome finds from Target.  Make sure you check out their kids selection.  I love the old style prints on the kids t-shirts!  These all range from $3-$8 a shirt. 








These are just some fun pictures I wanted to share with you because of coarse we like to be silly when we do pictures and there is never a dull moment of taking pictures with this little guy! 







Hope you enjoy your day today!  Somewhat spring cleaning for us today and outside fun! 

Till next time,  Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste