Cowboys Wife Wisdom

imageI read an article recently from "Country Living" talking about reviving the lost art of "dropping by".  Honestly what happened to friendly people  stopping by saying hi, hanging out for a while or even staying for a meal?  Where I grew up it didn't matter that we were far away from our friends.  Our family and friends came by when they were passing by no matter when it was.  In fact I think we even left the door unlocked for them to walk right in and the left key under the mat so they could still drop by even if we weren't home.  I love whenever we go down to Texas and Oklahoma because the people down there are so sweet!  I have noticed that every time we are down there people are inviting and welcoming you into their homes even if you don't know them first hand.  At our house I want that.  I tell people to stop by whenever they are near and they kind of look at me silly and say "when are we ever just out by your house"!  Well if you are ever out by me, please stop by.  We always have grub and a good cup of joe!! Till next time,

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste