Worship Wherever!

Today we get to go down to my grandmothers.  She lives in an assisted living home called Sunrise in Colorado.  The people there are so friendly and always happy to see a new face in there.  Times before when  I would take Traycen he would be shy at first and now he has found his place when we are there.  My grandmother has alzheimers and  doesn't remember sometimess.  I'll be honest at times it's been hard for me to go down there to visit her because I'm thinking will she even acknowledge I'm there or yet remember?  The thing though is that she may not remember me but she does remember Traycen.  That is amazing beyond itself considering her circumstance with Alzheimers.  Please know my heart that I am not saying it's not worth my time to go see my grandmother, but just has been a struggle sometimes.  Although, after I see her interact with Traycen I know that it's so important for them to still have that relationship.  She may end up telling him the same story over and over again, but he just embraces it and loves on her.  I feel like I need to be more like that little boy.  Just embrace each moment without the awkwardness of knowing too much or not enough about a certain situatation.  Kids are so amazing in that, and honestly I think we all could be more like our kids to an extent.  Think about their childlike faith, they just go for it and don't care about anything. So today Traycen enjoyed getting to visit grandma Millie today even though she was asleep the whole time.  He reminded me that we needed to use our inside voices so we wouldn't wake her up.  He insisted on singing his favorite new song to her and worship with Her while she was sleeping.  We sang one thing remains to her as she slept and then got to pray over here.  That's the great thing about worship, you can worship anytime, anywhere.

Hope you enjoy the pics!!

Traycen showing Grandma his new ninja turtle watch that he got for his birthday! image

Traycen singing one thing remains! So precious.


Grandma Millie, Traycen and I as we got to pray over her.



Till next time, Cooped Up Mama Kirste