Fashion Post with Guest Blogger: Fabulous in the South's Brianna Hall

Kirste and I are so excited to announce that we have Fabulous in the South's Miss Brianna Hall coming aboard Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife to do a bi-monthly post on fashion and beauty.  I have loved watching Brianna's Facebook page the last few months where she features rodeo wife/girlfriend fashion and her "Bleacher Babe Reports."  She brings such a fun spin to our little blog and I'm the first to admit that I am not a fashionista so I'm so glad that she can help us out!!!  Also, for my own selfish reasons, I'm so stoked to have her on here so she can help me figure out what to where, haha!  Being a northerner we have a little different style than the southern beauties and I have always admired these ladies and there spunky southern style.  So, Kirste and I thought it would be a great addition to what we usually feature on our beauty blog posts.  So here she is, Miss Brianna Hall!  Don't let the cute clothes and perfect hair fool ya though, she can rope, run the chute and pretty much step in wherever is needed to help her man, Cole Bigbee, get down the road.  Make sure to check out her Facebook page and let her know what you'd like to see in her posts!


Hello Dolls, my name is Brianna Hall.  I am 29 years young and feeling more comfortable in my skin than ever before!  I am from the beautiful state of Alabama.  I grew up in a rodeo family where traveling to ropings and rodeos were a weekend vacation and something I have always enjoyed doing.  The rodeo lifestyle fed my wanderlust that demanded to be satisfied.  I have been in a relationship with Cole Bigbee, Professional Team Roper, going on 3 years now.  Cole and I grew up together.  Our families were very close and shared the same love for team roping.  I can remember as a little girl loading up with my Dad and attending the Bigbee’s Biggest East Roping annually.  It was at one time, one of the largest ropings east of the Mississippi produced by Cole’s family, and the tradition is still carried on to this day along with the Perry Bigbee Memorial Roping that is continuously growing each year.  


I like to call myself what I refer to as a “Bleacher Babe."  You know, the rodeo competitor’s wife/girlfriend that lives for the weekends where she can get dolled up and strike out.  The girl that sits in the stands and has the art of videoing down to a science.  Finding the perfect “spot” and angle are crucial when it comes to capturing his run.  As much as I love to primp, I also don’t mind hopping on my horse and spinning a few steers for my sweet heart in the practice pen. Couples that rope together, stay together.  LOL!  I do not claim to be a true cowgirl, but I am a fabulous fill in.  I can work the chute like a boss, making sure the steer is facing (this is key), and video all at the same time.  I spend countless hours pulling the Smarty Steer. 

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You see, there is much more to bleacher babes than what meets the eye.  Sure, you see us sitting there with a camera in our hand, but Bleacher Babes are a cowboy’s number one supporter.  I am there for the highs and lows.  It’s not always glamorous and it’s not for everyone.  If you have ever dated a cowboy, then you are far too familiar with those long quiet rides home.  There is a lot of chaos and work that goes into helping him get from one rodeo to the next.  I load up, and make sure he is taken care of.  I normally make a check list. Dry cleaning, patches, getting horses caught, spurs, boots and hat. Whether it’s helping load the truck, hooking up the trailer, making sure all of the gates are shut, feeding the horses or feeding him, we are their right hand man.   Although, I love the rodeo scene and enjoy roping, I’ve always had a passion for fashion and primping! Hey, It’s not easy being a primp on the road with a truck full of cowboys!  There have been numerous occasions where I’ve been rushed out the door with no makeup on, half-dressed trying to make it on time.  Oh yeah, try applying eyeliner and mascara going down the road.  OMG!


I tend to be a little shy, so my outfits express the girl I want to be (Bold and Confident) and some items can be great conversation pieces.  My look tends to change with my mood.  Some days I am carefree rocking a boho look.  Other days I want to feel polished, classy and professional.  I feel the best accessory a girl can have is confidence.  If you feel confident and good about yourself, you could rock a potato sack and make it look fabulous (with the right belt, LOL!)  Society tends to make us feel that we should look a certain way.  Be your own kind of beautiful, that’s what is sexy!  I try to make sure each outfit I wear represent me and it never hurts to have someone to look to for inspiration.  My everyday go-to-style inspirations have always been Jennifer Anniston and Emily Maynard.  They make casual look flawless and effortless!  The key is to enhance your natural features without looking like you’ve tried too hard, especially when you are at the arena.

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When I want to feel “ranchy” I look to Tasha Polizzi.  Also, you can NEVER go wrong with Leopard print and turquoise jewelry! EVER!    

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My other hobbies include cooking.  Time spent in the kitchen is something Cole and I both enjoy.  It really brings us together when our week has been so hectic.  Yoga is another great outlet to help center me.  Rodeo at times, can bring a lot of stress and anxiety.  We finish off our week with church and family on Sundays.  God is what makes this all happen for us.  I couldn’t do it without my faith.  To be honest, I don’t always put Him first, but I strive to make Him a priority.  I am a work in progress and His love for me is never failing.  I am truly one blessed girl and give all praise and glory to Him for letting me live this life that I love . I am looking forward to this journey and I hope you guys enjoy what I have to offer.  I am excited to hear from you all as well.  God Bless!

XOXO -Brianna