What's In My Tool Box

Kirste and I have had a few questions on what devotionals we've been reading or good ones that we'd recommend.  So I wanted to share with everyone what I read each day or what I go to when I need guidance. So, of course I have my Bible that I try to dig into everyday.  I love my New Spirit-Filled Life Bible because the footnotes really put an emphasis on where the Holy Spirit is working.  It's so great to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and see how the Holy Spirit was there through it all right along side God and Jesus.  There are also awesome devotionals in this Bible on numerous topics ranging from leadership to parenting.  We've had this Bible since we got married 9 years ago so it's in rough shape and I think it's Duct-taped on the back from all the wear and tear.  I guess that's how a Bible should be, right?


Next, is the devotional that Kirste and I have mentioned on our Instagram a few times.  It's called "Reckless Devotion" by Heidi and Rolland Baker and I'm absolutely loving it!  Heidi and Rolland are missionaries in Mozambique and they share a lot of their own personal testimonies of God's power and provision.  It's a daily devotional and some days I find that I just read that day's topic over and over because it speaks to my soul so deeply.  I highly recommend this one if you want to go further with God than you ever thought possible.  Warning: it will seriously challenge you!


Last, I always have Joyce Meyer's, "The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word" on hand.  I turn to this when I'm needing scriptures that are touching upon what I'm dealing with in that moment.  The best thing about it is that it put's "me" or "I" into each scripture and makes them so personal.  For me, I know when I speak these Words out loud; action is taking place spiritually!  This book has  scriptures categorized by topics that everyone has experienced such as anger, sickness and temptation.  This of course doesn't replace my Bible but it's a quick reference book when I need scriptures to stand on.


Are there any good devotionals or books that you're reading right now that God has been using to speak to you?  We'd love to hear from you!

Have an amazing day!

Cooped Up Mama Candace