Favorite Friday Get Together

images images-1 That saying, "Thank goodness it's Friday"!  This applies to several people whether you work at an office or are a stay at home mom. As you all know I stay at home with my son, but I love Fridays.  Fridays to me means my husband gets the weekend off and we get to do whatever as a family.  One thing we enjoy to do as a family is have people over.  Although we don't always get around to doing that because were the sporadic type of planners, we still love it.  When we were down in Texas a couple weeks ago we got together with some of our good friends down there and had a game night.  It was them, their two older kids and then CW and I (of coarse the two little ones had crashed on the floor from wearing each other out).  They had told us about a game they played with our friends brother and his wife.  I don't recall  hearing a name of the game, so just call it whatever you'd like.  This game was seriously so much fun and doesn't include a board for the game, pieces ect.  At our house, the most prominent things for the game always gets lost and we go without!  So, this is super simple.  Take a look at how to play and try it out for yourself.


What you need: 

-At least 4 people, more is always funner for sure though. 

-Paper, everyone gets four small pieces


-A cowboy hat, ball cap or bucket

What you do: 

-Pick your partner… It's better if you know the person, your spouse, friend ect. 

-Everyone writes down a person, a place and a thing 

This can be anything from your moms name, an old friend, somewhere you went last week or went 4 years ago, a ball, a church an instrument ect.  Remember it can be something that only you and your partner would know, don't make it simple! 

For example: This is what my brother in law put: California…. Well he had just been talking ten minutes earlier how they were going to be going to california so of coarse we all could guess that pretty easily.  You will understand as iI later explain! 

-Fold and throw all of everyones pieces of paper into your designated cowboy hat, ball cap or bucket! 

Round ONE! Speak it out using whatever words but the word that's written on the paper!

-Whichever team starts first. So lets say it was Kody and Candace (my other cooped up mama) on a team and then CW and I on a team.  CW and I start first.  Cw draws out of the hat and picks a piece of paper.  He reads it and has one minute to try to explain that thing.  Let's just say he picked a piece of paper that said baseball.  He can't say what is on the paper but he can explain it saying this thing is used to throw, its part of a major league, its round, its white ect.  Then I would have to guess what it is.  If I guess correctly he sets it next to him and then draws another out and does the same thing, all within a minute.  When the clock runs out he is finished and if I didn't guess the last one he had it goes back into the bucket.  The ones you guess correctly you keep and the ones you don't you have to keep guessing till you get it.  

Pass the bucket to a member of the next team.  You do this till all the slips of paper are gone.  Some will be harder than others!  KEY POINT! Pay attention to the answers

Round TWO! Use ONLY one word to describe whats written on the paper.

-For example:  Candace chooses a paper and it says Julie.  She has one word to describe to Kody for him to guess what's written on the paper.  Remember she can't say Julie so she could say mom.  Kody may think "O I got this", and say Helen, Candaces mom.  This is not the answer.  He has to say Julie.  Get it yet? It's kind of getting trickier.

Round THREE! NO words, you have to act out what you draw out of the bucket!

This is usually hilarious depending what you wrote on the card.  All the same rules apply as far as if you get one, keep it and keep going and if you don't then when time is up, place the paper back in the bucket and pass it to the next member of the other team. 


***Remember to add up points of how many papers you received after each round!  

Like I said make it as simple or as easy as you want.  The more people you add, the harder it will probably get.  Also remember to pay attention to the answers! 

Hope you get to try it out with some friends!  Let me know how it goes and have fun.  

Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste