Make-Up Post: Bright Light

Being a girl, I'm drawn to pretty stuff and this includes make-up!  I love it, and I am not a professional by any means at applying it.  I just love the colors, the possibilities and the transformations that it offers.  I didn't grow up with a mom that was into putting much make-up on so I never really learned how to correctly apply it until a friend took me aside and showed me (thank you, Jessie).  And even still, I see pictures on Pinterest that I love how the make-up looks, but I have no idea of how to even start with a smoky eye!  One person that I found a few years ago has come to my rescue in more ways than one and that's YouTube star, Kandee Johnson.  She's not only an expert on make-up, but she's got to be one of the sweetest and most joy-filled people that I've ever seen.  My pastor, Lynette Gleghorn (who's also a fan of hers) described her as a having a "bubblegum personality."  Her videos are not only on make-up but they're about life.  She's a mama who raises her kids to love God and love others!  She inspires me and I find so much of what she posts about is the same stuff that I'm going through.  While watching her YouTube turtorials, I just can't help but smile while watching her talk.  She's just so sweet!  Even when she's getting hateful comments she always replies in love and states that she knows that only hurting people could speak such hurtful words. I could go on and on about her but I thought I inscribe one of her videos here, so you can see for yourself.  Plus, what girl doesn't love Cinderella? She also has a great blog that you can check out, here.

So here's Kandee!  Thank you for being such a bright light!

Much love,

Cooped Up Mama Candace