A use for ALL things

IMG_1823 So I never honestly believed one product could do it all, but now I do believe that this product...Does!!!  It's called organic coconut oil!  I originally heard about coconut oil from my husband, yes, I was surprised too!  Hah!  He had been having pain from a tooth that was bad, it may have had a cavity on it for  years!! ( you're probably thinking...why didn't he just go to the dentist!)  Well, he read an article online about oil pulling. Oil pulling sounds weird and I would not have guessed it was something to do with your teeth at all, but it claims to whiten your teeth, freshen your breath, heal cavities and is the massive lead to improving your oral health!  It is also known to decrease the amount of un-friendly bacteria in your mouth.  After doing this for about a week, his tooth was not aching at all  and he felt like this process of swishing around oil for 20 minutes a day really paid off!  A simple, priceless amount of time paid off instead of finding a dentist (because we don't have one), taking time out of your schedule to make an appointment and follow through with going to it and finding out what was wrong. After I started oil pulling (about 1-2 times weekly), I too noticed my teeth being whiter (which is great because I drink coffee everyday) and just a healthier mouth in general!  I decided since this worked so well for him and I, that I would look further into organic coconut oil.  I love natural, organic ways of doing things for your body and health and came across some of these other uses for coconut oil. Here is what I have tried and what I would like to try! 


 My top 5 uses for coconut oil:

1. Skin lotion: about a tablespoon and a half is all you need.  Remember a little spreads a long way so don't get too much!

2. Oil pulling: again only a tablespoon and let it melt in your moth the. Swish it around like you would as if you were using mouth wash!  I found it easiest to do this in the shower because the texture was a little awkward for me and time went by faster when I wasn't paying attention to swishing it around in my mouth!  Remember not to spit it in the shower drain, it could clog it!

3. Age spots/scars: I rub a little three times a day on scars or skin blemishes. I have also used this with Bio Oil and although they are not completely gone yet, you can see a difference in the color of scars. (also it is said this will help with stretch marks and preventing them)

4. An intensive natural hair conditioner: you can use as much or as little as you want.  Directions said to put it on dry hair and cover with a shower cap, then leave for a few hours and rinse out. I personally have put it on my hair after I shower and braid my hair before I go to bed at night. I honestly feel like my hair has grown significantly by doing this!! But side note... If your going somewhere first in the morning, either plan on putting your hair up or a headband on, because sometimes you could look like your hair is a little greasy!

5. Eye makeup remover: I take a pinky full and smear it on a cotton swab/ball and then rub on my eyes to remove any eyeliner, shadow or mascara. I used to use the eye makeup remover wipes in the makeup isle at the store and found that they always hurt/stung my eyes, so this is a great natural way to remove it!


Other uses (ones I'd like to try):

-Coffee creamer, when melted into your coffee! I drink a lot of coffee so this may be a tasty organic creamer instead.

-Moisturizing chapstick... Except I don't think I wanna carry around that big of a can of coconut oil, but I bet you could find small enough containers at the store and dish up just the right amount to carry with you all the time.

-Mosquito bite de-itched! Traycer would benefit from this because he always itches so hard after he's gotten a bite and I don't want his precious skin to scar.

-Consuming this daily can help you sleep better! I need to try this because I wake up so easily and lately have not been able to sleep well.  Also, fish oil is suppose to help your sleep!



Mommy uses:

-When taken regularly it can boost your hormone production.

-When pregnant or not, use this topically to help kill yeast or yeast infections safely (of coarse always talk to your individual doctor!)

-To prevent stretch marks rub over areas prone when pregnant such as your sides of your waist line, around your belly button, your lower back. The more times daily you rub on these areas, the better!

-After birth Rub directly on the perineum to help heal more quickly

-When nursing, rub directly on your nipples to relieve irritation and it's safe for nursing babies!!

-Babies who have cradle cap, massage into their head and leave on for a few minutes then wash off with a warm wash rag, continually do this daily until it clears

-Moms can take 3-4 tbsp. a day along with vitamin D to help increase milk supply when nursing

-Kids who get mosquito bites, this can safely soothe them from consistancy itching

-Moms can use for natural moisturizing baby lotion



Healthwise: (of coarse always discuss your individual needs with your healthcare doctor)

-To help heal skin after an injury or infection when applied topically.

-Topically applied to kill yeast or yeast infections.

-On feet to disinfect feet fungus or athletes foot.

-To help alleviate sinus symptoms or allergies by rubbing a small amount on the inside of your nose.

-Add a tablespoon into hot tea to help you recover from the flu or a cold (it's suppose to revamp your energy).

-Use for shave cream and after shave.

-Consume one tablespoon before each meal to help with better digestion.

Would love to hear from you all if you have tried anything else and what you did and didn't think worked!