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Is anybody an Etsy fan?  I remember when someone first told me about Etsy I  honestly think I sat on the computer looking up so many amazing things for a couple of hours.  If you haven't heard of Etsy it is an online website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies along with some amazing factory-manufactured items.  You can find everything from clothing, to leather items to jewelry, it's got a wide variety.  I've been looking for some work out clothes and I am very particular with what I wear.  I personally do not like anything that has writing on the buttocks because let's just be honest I don't want people looking at that anyway so I don't want more attention drawn there when it's not necessary;)  Although my workout style ranges from yoga pants, and a loose razor  back tank, to sweats and a more former fitted short/long sleeved shirt  I can't have both tops and bottoms form fitting because that just doesn't work for me!  I've started looking around for some stuff and came across these shops on Etsy which of coarse I fell in love with.  If you don't online shop, I highly suggest you do.  Sometimes there is more variety of things and it's just a click away from ordering, although if you are really good at just clicking, the bill can add up fast!  Along with shopping on Instagram of coarse! Make sure you check out these shops on Etsy.

Strong Girl Clothing 

I love love love these pants!  I definitely want a pair of the I am fierce pants, totally my style.







Brave Angel

As I was checking out this shop I noticed that there is a variety of different inspirational, motivational sayings on the clothing.  I love this because it shows who you represent!  God!  







It's funny because I could probably count how many times I have actually done yoga on two hands, but I love yoga clothing.  I found this site and love the loose fitting pants, yet I also love the leggings.  These have a vintage, rustic kind of look to them and they have also some children's items which I thought were adorable!

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(Photos courtesy of Strong Girl Clothing and  Brave Angel and Nicandthenewfie)







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