Unstoppable God

I have already mentioned before that music is my life, my air, the thing that feeds me, along with Jesus of coarse.  I came across this song when I was on I-tunes.  I-tunes can be very dangerous for me and you always know when we run out of internet usage, it's probably because I downloaded something!  This song I use to workout with because it is an upbeat worship song just worshipping Jesus.  Do you ever have that part of the song that's your favorite?  For example I love Colton Dixon and the music that he writes.  In just about every song, I love the build up in the bridge.  It catches my eye and soars in my spirit.  In this song Unstoppable God my favorite part of the song is the bridge because it builds up into the bridge and then it says "nothing shall be impossible, your Kingdom reigns unstoppable, we'll shout your praise forever, Jesus our God unstoppable!  That gets me every time.  Make sure you check out Elevation Worship.  They are from the Charlotte, North Carolina area where their head Pastor is Steven Furtick (you should listen to his podcasts, they are awesome).  Their Pastor originally had a vision for their worship to create songs that reflected the churches experiences, testimonies and needs.  How cool is that?  Make sure you check out their albums at http://elevationworship.com  images-2

[audio m4a="http://www.coopedupcowboyswife.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/02-Unstoppable-God.m4a"][/audio]

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