This Weekend!

Yesterday for us started out very early at about 5 am!  Of coarse we didn't wake little man up but instead let him sleep till the last minute ( doing this definitely helps so we have less of a grumpy little man ).  We knew we were going to have some things to do such as CW men's group at 7:30 am, breakfast, the hay auction, a few errands and then for me worship rehearsal and then attend church together!  So as you could say we had to plan our day accordingly.  I packed up all the things we would need for the day including a change of clothes for everyone, food because I'm doing a 24 day challenge, some things I had to give to others at church, a camera I was selling and my keyboard!  I felt pretty good when 5:50 in the morning rolled around and I had already packed everything and fed all the horses and bulls.  I love those days where you feel so accomplished first thing in the morning, it makes my whole day seem easy knowing I got stuff done right off the bat.  Anyways we as a family headed into town and made our first stop at the church to drop off the keyboard and CW for his mens meeting.  It amazes me the men that dedicated their every Saturday for almost 8 weeks to go early in the morning set up, serve other men and do a video series called "Mens 33 ".  So I've heard, this series is based around "authentic manhood" and how to inspire and equip men to pursue that manhood as modeled by Jesus in the 33 years that He lived on earth.  This time around my hubby was just helping out with serving in whatever he could with the other men because he already went through this series earlier on this year, wow did it change some things in him.  I give God complete credit for working through him and turning my husbands heart on different things in his life, our life and for our son.  I feel like my husband doing the study has brought him to a new level with God, a new empowerment of who God created him to be and how to not only walk in that for himself but how to raise our son up in that and to help empower other men.  If you want to check it out its definitely a great resource for any husband, dad, brother, son or friend.  We as wives need to be right there along side our husbands helping them walk out the authority and empowerment God has given them to be as head of our households!  imageHere is little man at the church before we left.  I love this sign and our kids program.  They teach about Jesus in such an amazing way that it just pierces their hearts and grows them in the love of Jesus!


Anyways moving on with my day we dropped dad off and headed into Eaton where we were going to meet my friend Kaity and eat breakfast.  As we got closer to the town I shrieked of excitement as I saw something up ahead that Traycen would love to see.  Hot air balloons!!!  I sometimes have seen hot air balloons driving into town on a church day but never this close!  We got to watch one hot air balloon take off and go up into the sky.  Traycer mentioned how we should just go ask the people if we could go ride in one that morning.  I love to see these things, but am not sure I am that daring enough to go up into the sky in a hot air balloon and feel completely safe!  Here are some pictures of the balloons, we were super close and got to wave to the couple taking off that morning. 

It's the little things that make me happy and bless me so much!

I love all the different colors and patterns on the balloons, each unique in their own way!

image                          image


Moving on, we met Kaity at a little hometown restaurant called "The Chimney House".  This is a hometown restaurant with some of the best food, I think.  It's a great little gathering place for meeting up with friends and family.  They are super friendly and always ready to serve you a good meal.  Although they are known for their amazing hot cakes, some of my other favorites are their breakfast omelettes, biscuits and gravy and patty melts. 

Unknown If your ever in Eaton, Colorado check them out at 226 Oak Ave, Eaton, CO 80615 

Monday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm Tuesday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm Wednesday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm Thursday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm Friday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm Saturday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm Sunday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm

After our amazing visit and breakfast at The Chimney House we headed back to pick up CW and went to the hay auction where we found some amazing deals on hay!  We then proceeded home to make lunch then go back to pick up our bargains at the sale and then finish our day until … I swotched through my hand with a steak knife.  I yelped and held my hand as it bled and told Traycen he better hurry up and get his dad.  At that point I didn't know how bad I had cut my hand, blood was just all over the place.  CW came in and checked it and then we face timed my awesome friend who is a nurse!  God bless people who're nurses, doctors and what you all put up with, seriously thank you!  After a FaceTime visit of my new wound, and then passing out we decided to go to the urgent care.  Let me just say I truly love my friends.  They are always there for me on a dime!  My other cooped up mama took Traycen for a bit, then handing him off to Kaity for the rest of the time.  You guys are always so helpful so thanks!

Driving into town I questioned back and forth in my mind whether I really needed to go.  I hate going to the doctor, hospital, or anything related.  I know this is kind of backwards but I feel like if I am spending my time, and money to get there, there better be something wrong where they can fix it.  When we arrive we quickly get in and get looked at.  The nurse told me I was lucky (more like blessed) to have not gone a little further to either side of my cut because then I would have really gotten the "good important stuff" (tendons, nerves)!  I had to get a tetanus shot where of coarse CW was hinting that Tetanus shots were given in the rear end and I flipped.  Just a note, you can have it there or in your arm…my choice, my arm (thank you Jesus)! I was sent home to let my puncture wound heal and take it easy.  Now with swollen fingers, bruising and a nice cut, I really am thankful it was nothing else.  Do you ever get like that going to the doctor?  I will admit I do and it's such a silly way of thinking, but when you were in the hospital/urgent care a lot as a younger kid, your mind kind of turns to think on the negative of negative side of things.  Like my husband kept reminding me, yes we spent money to get it checked which it was good we did because your hands are your livelihood it would have been worse if they were sending us down the road to go to a hand specialist.  So with all of this, I realized I need some new perspectives of when something goes wrong and I get hurt!  It's life and praise God for all he does for me and all he protects me in.  After writing this morning (because I did start this post yesterday) I realized how things can instantly happen so quickly and you have the choice to let it tear you down, or put effort forth going "ok this was unexpected but I'm going to praise God through it all"!

I hope you all have an amazing Sunday!  Thanks to my other cooped up mama Candace who stepped up to lead worship this weekend when I couldn't and gave me some time to sit back and heal!  Also thanks to my awesome friends who are always there every step of the way, and my amazing husband who just embraces everything I do and everything about me!  

Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste