Sporting the dots!

 IMG_3008Good morning!  It's Monday and I hope you all had an amazing weekend!  My plans for this week are to relax and not do a ton because I feel like we have been running around chasing guinea birds lately (if you have ever had them you know what I mean).  This picture is actually from a few weeks ago when Candace and I went to our friends wedding (see post from March) and got to enjoy dressing up for the spring weather.  This dress is absolutely one of my favorites.  The best part is that I didn't even have to shop for it.  This amazing burnt orange flowing polka dot dress was given to me from my beautiful mom.  I love my moms taste!  She always finds good deals and some pretty awesome stuff.  This dress is actually from Macy's and the brand name is Maison Jules.  It's simple, flowing and great to wear with some kind of vest, jean jacket or just by itself.  This morning of the wedding I chose to wear it with a jean jacket from Lucky because it was a little bit chilly.  I chose to wear my gray lined Fedora hat with this outfit which I got honestly from Hobby Lobby for like $8.  Hobby Lobby seriously has a little bit of everything.  I would have loved to worn some pointed toe cowboys boots with this dress, but I don't have any… I'm still looking!  Instead I chose to wear my casual boho sandals.  I love these kind because they have a zipper up the back and are easy to slip on fast.  Check them out on  or most stores have some kind of sandals like these.

DSC_2783          DSC_2786          DSC_2790          IMG_3009


Here are just a few other fun pictures with this dress.  My friend Shelby was at the wedding also and I loved her dress.  We were both sporting the polka-dots and of coarse had to take a picture!  This woman is amazing and has the cutest son ever. 


These last pictures are from last summer.  I call this beautiful gal my little sister I never had, Breann.  She had just received a new camera for her birthday and we were her first models.  I love my little boy so much, he's such a little stinker sometimes.  

IMG_6770                    IMG_6938


Enjoy your day! 

Till next time

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste