Working On That Mama Tummy

Being a former personal trainer, I can tell you the major issue brought up to me that most mommies are concerned about is their stomach pooch.  Even woman who have already lost all of their baby weight and are in the best shape of their lives still can't get rid of the pooch that is caused by the separation of muscles due from the stretching that occurs from carrying that bundle of joy.  This is actually called Diastasis Recti and I found a great article from Babble that addresses this topic from a mommy who has "been there and done that."  I really like her take on the subject and she links a lot of exercises that can help with the "mommy pooch." IMG_2353

For myself, I've had great success with using Tracy Anderson's Method Post Pregnancy 1 and 2 for strengthening my abdominals after two pregnancies.  She takes a really unique path to tightening everything up by using stationary abdominal exercises.  Many of her exercises include sitting or standing and moving your torso in different directions.  I really love working my abs this way and it's amazing the soreness you will feel afterwards!


Also, keep in mind that pretty much any upper body exercise and many lower body exercises can be done on an exercise ball which will in turn make you engage those inner transverse abdominals (most inner abdominal muscles.)  Think of these muscles as a corset and if they're toned it will help to alleviate the appearance of diastasis recti.

Just remember not to bee too hard on yourself, because you're body went through a lot to bring your miracle into the world.  Your body may never look the same as it did before you had kids, but I'm sure you're like me, you wouldn't trade them for the world!


Happy "Workout Wednesday!"

Cooped Up Mama Candace

*I am not a doctor, so always consult your physician before beginning a workout regimen.

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