Fabulous In The South: Styles for Morning Slacks and Jackpots

Hey Babes <3 Okay, for those of you who don’t know me, I have always been a wild card… My style changes with the seasons. This spring I have put my blazers aside with the rest of my dreary sweaters and transformed my look from professional chic to my inner flower child. I am obsessed with the boho/ casual style. I want to radiate positive vibes and wear an outfit that not only looks fashionably effortless, but comfortable and functional… especially when you are at a roping or morning slack. Even though I could spend hours primping in the mirror, I don’t want to come off looking over done or over dressed. TRUST ME, at 29 years of age, I am not above strutting a prom dress down the aisles of Wal-Mart… But there is a time and place for every outfit. For example: SEQUINS & MORNING SLACK JUST DOESN’T WORK FOR ME. This may work for you, but in Alabama, people would wonder what type of meds I’m on and if I chased them down with mimosas that morning.

Also, I have always struggled with over packing when it comes to taking long trips. I have learned to only pack certain staple pieces and dress them up with accessories. I’d like to share with you some of my Pinterest finds. I personally feel like these are staples that every Bleacher Babe should have in their closet or trailer this spring. We all want to look fabulous and still be comfortable whether it’s on the road or at an all day outdoor event. The outfits I have chosen are for daytime outdoor activities & traveling. With these simple pieces you will no longer have an issue with over packing. You will have more space in your trailer, and be comfortably at ease walking around the rodeo grounds <3



You can’t go wrong with a pair of boyfriend jeans. They’re super comfy and the jeans don’t stick to you in the heat. This time of year the weather can be unpredictable. The mornings are cool and the afternoons can be blistering hot. These are functional, comfortable and ideal for hours of bleacher sitting. You can pair boyfriend jeans with a plain t-shirt, sandals and accessorize it with a cute necklace or strap on a pair of statement heels!



I am that girl that could wear workout shorts everyday. I love the comfort of them especially when I am running around trying to work a roping and still take care of Cole. I was so stoked when I came across these!! Denim runner shorts! I have found some similar to these at the Buckle, Charlotte Russe and several other places online and they are AMAZING!!!



Boyfriend Shorts are another fave of mine as well <3


Maxi skirts are always fun <3 Some days I just want to feel girly.. You can rock these with a super cute girly crop top or a fun vintage style t-shirt knotted at the side.<3




Cole swears I have too many shoes… ummmmm?? Excuse me, What? A girl can never have too many shoes!!!! But here are a few that I can’t live without!! Again, these are for the comfort of being outside at a rodeo or roping.

Roxy Leather Sandals


Fringe Booties


Wooden Wedges <3 MY FAVORITE


The Minnetonka Fringe wedges are totally comfortable!!! I love heels and wedges jacked to the sky but I absolutely CANNOT walk in them. These bad boys are so comfortable and EASY to walk in!! They are the perfect shoe to wear for walking back and forth to the trailer.



Now for the fun stuff!! I love to dress my simple outfits up with statement pieces such as fedoras, necklaces, clutches, belts, and even a cute kimono.







Stay Fabulous <3

XOXO Brianna Hall

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