If you've followed my personal Facebook page at all, you would know that Sheridan has quite the obsession with bubbles.  She absolutely loves them and I get a kick out of seeing the pure joy on her face when she's chasing them around saying, "bubble pop, bubble pop!"  So for Sheridan's 2nd birthday this last Sunday, she received a bubble machine from our friends, the McCall's.  This isn't just any kind of bubble machine, this is the Gazillion Bubble Machine, and I have to say it's pretty awesome!  All we had to do is just pop in a couple batteries and attach the bubble mixture to the top of the machine, turn it on and you have hours of bubble fun.  I laughed because it almost overwhelmed her with how many bubbles this thing puts out.  She couldn't even keep up with chasing them around.  Added bonus: Mom doesn't have to sit there and blow bubbles all day long!  YAY! Here's a few pics to give you the full extent of the bubbleliscious fun we have been having:

IMG_2906  IMG_2903  IMG_2902  IMG_2901

IMG_2900  IMG_2899  IMG_2898  IMG_2896