Our Cowdogs

Around here, we have quite a few dogs.  Four to be exact.  We've had more, but I think four is just about right for us.  3 out 4 of our dogs are cattle working dogs.  That means that they help Kody gather and push cattle wherever needed and when I'm here alone they help me get into the pens to retrieve the grain pans for the grain that we feed a few of our futurity calves.  I like to have the dogs between me and the bulls to make myself feel better, ahem!  Yes, I know I'm a wuss and that's what my husband would say, but those bulls are crazy!  Especially when they're hyped up on grain! Here's Roscoe, he's the head honcho around here.  He's a Catahoula/Black Mouth Curr/Rhodesian Ridgeback.  He'll be 9 years old this year and he's starting to act like such an old man.  We got him the first year we were married from Cord McCoy's dad and he's probably got more personality in him than any other dog I've met.  He has a serious problem of sitting on peoples feet, peeing on everything and knocking my girls over because he thinks he can rub up against them like a cat.  But we love him.  He's such a sweet heart.


Next in line is Ozzie, short for Ozzie Pawsbourne.  That was my husband's brilliant idea!  But anyways, this guy is doing a great job in becoming a top cattle dog.  He's really aggressive but listens and that can be a cowdog's number one quality.  Oh, and he just happens to be Roscoe's son, can you see the resemblance?


Tank is the pup and he's also just sweetest little cowdog we've had around here.  He's such a lover and he is always guarding my girls wherever they may be outside.  I really love that about him.  The other dogs pretty much stay clear of my rugrats, but this guy loves them.  His favorite is to climb the gravel hills with Sheridan and just hang out with her.  He's such a sweetie! He also has the softest ears!  Oh, and he's Roscoe's grandson.  I guess you can say we like Roscoe's bloodlines, but for Tank we added some border collie to the mix and I really think this brought some brains into the dog. 

IMG_0142 IMG_2492




And last, but not least is this guy, Cash.  He's our boxer and definitely NOT a cowdog.  He majors in sleeping, being in the way and getting chased off by mama cows because he got too close to their calves while he was out in the pasture eating manure.  He also happens to be Odessa's favorite, whenever she sees him she starts chanting, "kitty, kitty, kitty."  She needs a little work on her animal name's but I think it's pretty adorable.  I bought Cash for Kody for his 18th birthday.  He's getting up there in age for sure and we're really hoping for a couple more years.  He can still see pretty well and his hearing is zilch, but we just love this old man!

IMG_3766 IMG_0892

I know for us and I'm sure for so many of our friends, your dogs are apart of your family.  They cheer you up, make you laugh and in our case, help us in our way of life.  Our pups will always be a steady fixture around our place and if you ever stop by they'll make sure to pee on all of your tires and sniff your butt, because...well, that's just what they do.

Make sure to hug your dog today!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace