Happy May Day!

images-14 Hello everyone!

Can you believe that is May already?  Today I was talking to my other Cooped Up Mama Candace.  We were talking about how it's already almost halfway through the year.  Where has the time gone?  It apparently keeps escaping every month as time goes on and I still continue to be in amazement of it.  With today being the first day in May I figured people would be starting to plant flowers and gardens.  Here in Colorado we are typically past the cold weather streak, although I do remember a snow storm that hit in 2003 late in the spring.  Honestly in Colorado you just never know!  Anyways, this year my family and I may not be doing a full garden because we have grasshoppers literally everywhere, and that's not exaggerating.  imageThis picture here is of only "some" (keyword some) of the grasshoppers that died during this last rain.  Since this changes our plans a little we had to find something else that little man could still be involved in.  At first thought I wasn't quite sure what that would be until yesterday when I got to go volunteer in Traycers classroom at school and they said we'd be making "flower bombs".  I was questioning the name curious as to what they were.  Flower bombs consist of clay, soil and seed.  These flower bombs have to be crafted together and then literally thrown, or chucked (however your kids do it), like a bomb that explodes!  Take a look at how they are made!  What could be funner then getting to make something and then toss them and watch them explode!  

Materials you will need: 







These materials can obviously be found at about any store.  You can have fun with picking your wild flowers.  I love wild flowers and just about any color works for me!  Here are some fun pictures of wild flowers that I found that would look beautiful at any home.





What to do:

1. Take your air dry clay and dump it in your bowl. 

2. Fill up half of the empty container with about half of the starting soil and dump in also in the bowl.

3. Mix in about enough water to make it moist but not too watery.  Always start with less and you can always add more.  You want the texture to be able to form into balls!

4. Pour  your wild flower seeds in the mixture, or you can spread out the seeds on a plate and then mix in the clay/soil mixture. 

5. Form balls with the clay/soil/seed mixture.  You can make them bigger or smaller.  I wouldn't do bigger than a golf ball size though. 

6. Set the balls out to dry for AT LEAST 3 hours.  Then place the balls in the baggies.  The balls will dry and then when you are ready one day go out and let your kids throw them wherever.  The seeds will spread and find soil in the ground to grow!  

7. Water where you threw the seeds and watch as they grow continually! 

 These are an easy craft, although the clay/soil mix is messy so make sure you have a good area to have the kids mix it all up.  Their hands will definitely get dirty, but that's the fun part!  Enjoy!

Have a great weekend! 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste