What it means to you

  images-1Good morning beautiful Mommies!  We would like to personally say Happy Mothers Day from the Cooped Up Cowboys Wives!  We hope you enjoy the day doing something special with your families.

Recently, I started thinking about what it means to be a mom.  Every one of us has a different definition of what it means to be a mom.  The unique thing about this is that there are no wrong answers!  With it being Mother's Day today, I wanted to share with you about being a mommy from my heart to yours, plus a couple of other moms I know.  As I read some of these I began to cry because I could feel the heart of their love for being a mom!  I hope you enjoy this special for today!

*I've really been learning that my happiness cannot be wrapped up in how my children behave, but it is in God.  Also, I know that I only have a few short years with them; so I will live in the moment, hug and kiss on them as much as possible, and tell them how much I love them.  I love being a mommy! ~Cooped Up Mama Candace 


*What it means to me to be a mom is that I have been trusted and blessed by God!!  I have a responsibility to two amazing children to keep them safe, to nurture them, and to LOVE them.  As a mom, it is my responsibility to build their faith in God and see that relationship grow over the years, so that one day when they leave my house. I have every bit of confidence knowing they will go forth under God's protection and direction to do amazing things!!! ~McKenna

*Being a mom is the closest thing I have in my life to God's love for me.  It is easily the most challenging yet rewarding part to my life.  Part of my reason for living and doing everything is because of my kids. ~Anonymousimages


*Being a mom BLEW UP my walk with God.  All of a sudden it became so clear of how real, how sacrificial, and how powerful His love for me really is.  Every time I look at my daughter, my heart feels like it might burst. He reminds me " I love you more than you love her, the depth of My love for you cannot even compare to the way you feel about your child."  It's truly drawn me so close to God.  I believe that mamas are doing the Holy work with their children. ~Kaci



*For me being a mom is the most high honor and privilege.  It's the closest example of the fullness of Love, Agape and Philia.  A mom is someone who leads and guides without force and corrects with unconditional love.  A mom is someone who intercedes for their child and would never ever abandon their child. I feel that moms are the most essential and precious gifts ever! ~Heather 

And as for me!  I wanted to share this picture with you because I feel like this explains it all to me. 

UnknownI found this picture and it ministered to my heart so much.  I can say that I truly love being a mom.  I remember being pregnant and not knowing what it would feel like to have the love for a child, but when I got to look into those bright bold eyes and hear that first cry I knew that feeling of love.  That feeling of love that you knew you loved from the beginning. There is nothing that could replace that love or the love for that little boy. The love I have in my heart for being a mom always keeps growing.  Being a mom totally reminds me of our relationship with Christ.  That love that I had at first sight of my son is how Gods love is for us.  He loved us before anyone else in this world.  Think about that and just let it settle in!  This is a selflessness love being a mom.  This means putting aside things that you want to do not because you have to but because you want to. You make room for the things your child wants and needs. I continually grow in my walk with God and life in general due to the privilege. My son teaches me more than I could teach myself in one day alone.  I think this about all kids.  They truly can say anything without fear, or doubt. They love fully and aren't worried about anything.  I feel like I need to be more like my child.  By this, I mean trust in God, not worry and just live pure and listen to the Holy Spirit.  There have been numerous times where I have felt defeated, not worthy or like a screwup. All the while that feeling tries to consume me, the love of my child reminds me of the Love that God has for me. One word from my little boy telling me he loves me or how much of a princess I am puts me in total awe.  He always says the most precious needed things at the most appropriate time.  I remember when he started saying I'm sorry all the time.  I got to the point where I was honestly kind of annoyed with it and told him "stop, you only say sorry once and it's done."  Little did I know that as soon as that came out of my mouth that it was really for myself and that was God speaking through that to me. God used that and told me through my little boy to open my eyes and see that I'm already forgiven.  God was saying to me what I was saying to my son, "you only have to say sorry once and it's done!"  Wow, that is revelation of how God teaches us.  It's things like that that are the most meaningful part of being a mom!  I wouldn't take it back for anything in the world. I am so honored that God has placed me in the position to be a mom of a son who is so mighty, powerful and driven by the Holy Spirit at such a young age!  If anything, I am inspired to be a mom through the inspiration from my son!

I encourage you today to really seek out what it is that you love about being a mom!  There will be rough days, but one simple I love you always wipes away the chaotic ones. Seek God in how to be a good mom and how He wants you to raise up your little ones in His eyes!

Be blessed today and take care!

Till next time, XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste