Quick Fix Workout

imageHave you ever been in need of some quick workouts for those times when you are waiting on your coffee to brew, your hair to dry, or when you're traveling on the road? I know for myself I am always looking for a good opportunity to work out whether it's while filling up a stock tank, waiting to switch the laundry or even cooking supper. Here are some awesome workouts for you to try whether you need a quick morning work out before you start your day or you're needing to pass some time.   

Quick Leg Workout

30 squats

40 walking lunges

30 mountain climbers

40 curtsy lunges

100 squat jacks

40 walking lunges

60 second wall squat

50 calf raises 


15 minute workout 

1 minute jumping jacks

1 minute push-ups ( or wall push-ups )

1 minute skier jumos

1 minute wide push-ups 

1 minute high knees 

1 minute squat jumps

1 minute alternating lunges

1 minute tricep dips 

1 minute wall sit

1 minute jumping jacks

1 minute plank

1 min skier jumps 

1 minute right side plank 

1 minute left side plank

1 minute sumo squats 

Hope you enjoy your day and remember every day is a a new day with a fresh start!


Till next time 

Xoxo CoopeUp Cowboys Wife Kirste