Mommy Must-Haves: Amanda Campbell

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Our little family traveled to New Mexico this last Friday for a bucking bull futurity.  The bulls didn't do the best but the girls traveled awesome.  It was a nice little get-away for our family.  It's crazy how much stuff you have to take for two kids.  I made sure to bring lots of snacks, coloring books, markers, books and blankies to make the trip as enjoyable as possible.  It's been raining so much in Colorado, so I know we were all so excited to get some warm sunshine in NM! Today, I wanted to feature a mama who knows how to pack with a kid.  Amanda Campbell is wife to professional bull rider, Cody Campbell.  They have sweet little Annabelle, who is about 1 1/2 years old and has been on the rodeo road with her parents since being in the womb.  I got to catch up with Amanda at Denver this last January and I just love trading tricks and fun stuff that all of us mommies find along the way of parenthood. 


Here are some of Amanda's must-haves:

1. Baby moccasin booties- They are the most comfortable, high quality, long lasting, cutest little baby moccasins I've seen.  Annabelle has worn the same pair every day for forever and they still look great through rodeos and playing in massive mud puddles and all. Cody just scrapes the mud off and does a gentle cleaning since they're leather. Lord knows I don't know what to do with leather!

You can find them at Ricotti Saddle Co. in Clements California. (800) RICOTTI or (209) 759-3550 OR

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2. Plant Therapy Kid Synergies Roller Ball- I love them because they are kid safe oil blends for ages 2-10 years old.  You can also dilute them to use on younger than 2 years.  There's just no guess work with them.  For those who are want to use oils but are nervous on what to do for kids or making their own blends, you can order the pre-diluted roller bottles ready to go.  I love to use the Sweet Dreams on myself and it's literally the only way I can sleep now.  They're great for everyone.
3. Food Chopper by Pampered Chef- It allows my food prep time to be cut in half. When trying to be efficient cooking all home cooked and nutrient meals this thing is a life saver!
4.  Homemade Fruit Roll Ups by Diana Campbell
  • Place fruit in blender. Strawberries and raspberries seem to work best but it’s fun to play and make your own creations. Try strawberry banana with the bananas that are going bad too!
  • Put desired fruit in a blender and add a touch of water. Start small and add more as needed to reach the necessary consistency. Not too thick, not too thin.
  • Add a small amount of sugar to taste. Appx. 1/4 c for a full blender.
  • Spray trays for food dehydrator with cooking spray.
  • Pour fruit mixture in trays and run on low setting over night. Poke mixture with your finger and remove when it doesn’t stick to your finger, or is set.
  • Easiest removed while warm.
  • Can roll up like roll ups or just tear into pieces. 8. Store in zip lock bag. They really don’t go bad as its all dehydrated.
  • *Another household staple is dried apple slices/pears using an apple/corer/slicer to make prep quicker. Yum!


5. Simply Noise Sound Machine App-  This is great to help Annabelle sleep and stay asleep.  For fun, I also keep on my phone Elmo's Monster Maker, Elmo's 123, Balloonanimals and Peekaboo Barn.


Amanda also makes the cutest baby bows around.  Make sure to check out her Facebook Page!

bow2 bow1

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