Summer Time Smoothies!

Every morning for the past week the hubs and I, CW have decided to drink smoothies every morning.  As you all know by now we don't live close enough to town to just drive in and get a smoothie, so everything is home made at our house! Although homemade stuff is always great, at my house that doesn't always mean it tastes the best! Anyways the task of making a smoothie actually comes as a thrill to me and I think I'm a rather good at it.  At least I can say my smoothies taste great. Here are some of my favorites that we have tried and really enjoy!  The fun thing about making smoothies is that you can add a little bit of anything you like to create a taste you like. You don't have to follow all the directions, be creative with your taste buds! Here are some tips I have found useful for myself:

-Only add in half of your ingredients and blend for about 20 seconds. Then add the rest of your ingredients and blend for another 10-15, that about does the trick. 

-Always add a banana or some kind of yogurt (I like Greek) to give it a fuller texture.

The smoothie I made for us this morning is what I called "Watermelon Crush"! 


-1 Cup of ice cubes

-1 Cup of strawberries (we did frozen)

-2 Cups of cut up watermelon 

-1 Banana

-A hint of honey

-1/4 Cup of Almond milk, you could use what you have

-1/4 Cup of yogurt, we used Greek Honey Vanilla 

Split the ingredients in half and blend for 20 seconds, add the rest and then blend again.  This is 2 servings!  *Pineapple/Banana


-2 Bananas broke up

-1 Cup of milk

-1 Cup of frozen pineapple

-1 Cup of Ice

-1/2 Cup of Yogurt 



*Peanut Butter Lovers (I have yet to try!)


-2 Bananas broken up

-2 Cups of milk

-1/2 Cup of regular peanut butter or I may try to use our PB2!!! If you haven't seen this stuff you must check it out! 


Hope you enjoy trying some of these!  Let me know any recipes you have tried and like.  Have a blessed day and weekend.

Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste