An Older Kid

Is it just me or do you feel like your kids sometimes act differently around older kids?  Do your kids start to then eat things they usually wouldn't eat, wear different clothes, talk differently and so on? I can truly say that we have had the privilege of our son getting to hang out with two older kids in particular that are amazing. These two kids have pretty much known my son Traycer since he was itty bitty and have always been around him. One of these kids even shares the same birthday with our son which makes their relationship even more special!  I have noticed that when Traycen is around either of these two kids that he starts to do some of the same things that they do. Although this could be controversial with some kids, but in this case, it's a good thing. These two young boys are gentlemen. They hold the doors for not only Traycen, but for woman, men and other kids too. I looked up the definition of a gentleman: A man who is courteous and honorable, and a man of independent means who does not engage in any occupation or profession for gain. Wow! This is exactly what these two boys are. They are respectful, integrable, honorable and are amazing friends. I recognize that Traycen looks up to them a lot. Traycen used to just do the things they did when he was around them, but now he does those things all the time. The influence of these two older boys has really played a huge role in the up bringing of my son. The way they treat Traycen, help out and guide him has made such an impact to him. Traycen always looks for these two whenever we go to church. Most recently we were at church when one of the boys complimented on how kind Traycen was being while Traycen was walking one of the younger kids down the hall. I stopped and looked at him and told him thank you and that was because he taught Traycen how to be kind like that. By example Traycen was doing the same thing as what those boys do with him. It's an amazing thing to watch your kids grow up and be able to look up to other kids like that. It has been such a blessing to my family for my son to have these older kids that he can look up to and look at what they are doing and have them feed into him. He truly is becoming an independent, handsome, respectful little boy and as much as it's hard to see him grow up so fast, it really does amaze me at who he is becoming! 

Here are two pictures with the boys! Thank you boys for always being there to help him up when he falls down, stop him from running around in church, helping him get a donut, and most importantly guiding, leading and being an awesome friend to my little boy! 










Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste