Cowboys Wife Wisdom

imageThe cowboys wife wisdom today is for those days that you cuss really loud because you messed up on something that's going to cost you. Okay, I admit it! A four letter word came out of my mouth very loudly at the fuel station in Eaton, Colorado this week! A friend had literally just dropped me off at the auto shop to pick up my truck after spending money to fix part of the axle that was leaking. Little did I know that in no more than 15 minutes would I be back at the shop. While talking to my amazing hubby on the phone, I realized I was fueling my diesel pickup with gasoline. Not only did I put a little in, but 11 gallons! After being towed back to the shop by my mechanic, then emptying my fuel tank and neutralizing it I was reminded of how easily we can screw things up sometimes! Why would I do that? I have never even remotely reached for the gasoline pump while going to fuel my diesel truck, but this time I did. Through calling one of my best friends to look for some sympathy I realized that although this particular incident may not have happened to you, you probably have experienced some other screwup before. Thank goodness for the grace my husband gives me in ALL (LITERALLY ALL THINGS)! I tend to be really hard on myself when I do silly things like this, but I can either stay mad or move on. Although I wasn't intending to pay the mechanic extra money that day, I did! Thank you God for the provision and grace for our screw ups! While waiting for the truck to be finished I took a coupon from the shop and went and got my little man ice cream. We sat next to a gentleman who was so kind to us. I love being anywhere and getting to be conversational with just about anyone. This man had to be about 80 some years old and was just a hoot! After asking me how old my son was about 10 times, where I lived about every other sentence and what I did for a living I realized just how amazing God is. Like I said, I didn't intend to donate more money to the auto place that day. But, while in the midst of waiting I got to meet with a very special gentleman. While most people probably would have moved seats or continued on with their dining, ignoring the old man, we didn't. I know that we made that mans day. It didn't bother me that he asked me the same question every few minutes. It was a reminder to me how much God loves us. How God will take anything and turn it to good just because He loves us and wants a relationship with us. So, at the end of the day embrace everything that comes at you, whether that's you messing it up or someone else. God can always take a mess and turn it for good!  Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste