Caramel Crunch Bars

Yesterday I was outside working and the little guy was jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler spraying out at him everywhere. I feel like I've been working a lot outside, so Traycen has been either searching around for bugs, playing with the dogs or in water of some sort at our house. All the sudden he starts screaming "mom, mom, mom". I went running to him on the trampoline thinking something was wrong. When I made it to the trampoline I realized nothing was wrong, and he was just trying to get my attention. He said that it smelt like smores and marshmallows. What he was smelling was me burning a bunch of wood! The burn barrel had been going for a while so by this time of day as you could imagine there was a distinct campfire smell. I stopped to think and thought at some point this summer we will go camping, but until then why not make smores anyways. I wasn't going to make smores over my burn barrel, because lets face it, thats just red neck! I remembered a recipe that a friend had given to us to try and it's just like camping smores but without the fire! Check this out, they are super simple and tasty!

If you have that sweet spot you need to fill until you get to go on your camping trip, then definitely try these. 




*4 1/2 Honey Grahams

*1 Package (11 oz) Kraft Caramel Bits

*2 Tbsp. Of Milk

*1/2 Cup Planters Cocktail Peanuts

*1/2 Cup Miniature Marshmallows

*4 Squares Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate, melted

*8 inch square pan with foil, with ends of foil extending over the sides of the pan. Spray with cooking spray. Place grahams on the bottom of the pan (cutting them if necessary). 



*MICROWAVE the caramel bits and milk in a microwaveable bowl on high for 2 minutes or until the caramel bits are completely melted and the mixture is well blended, stirring every 30 seconds. Pour over the grahams; top with peanuts, marshmallows and pretzels. Then drizzle with the chocolate. 

*Refrigerate these for at least 1 hour. Use the foil handles to remove the dessert from the pan before cutting into the bars to serve. 


Until next time, XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste