Praying For My Husband


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God how can my husband become a better spiritual leader in our family's life?  I've asked this question a lot in the last couple of years.  It wasn't that my husband was doing a poor job, it just felt like he was reaching his full potential (in my opinion) of what a spiritual leader should be.  I wrestled with bringing the subject up to him because I didn't want to point fingers or make him feel like he was failing us, but I really did want to bring attention to it.

I guess in my mind, we should be praying more, worshipping more, having deep talks more and raising our girls in a home that has God at the forefront of our days, everyday.


So back to my earlier question to God...the answer I got...focus on your relationship with Me and how you can pray for your husband.  Wow, okay, so how do I pray for him?  I wanted to pray, God please wake him up!  Please let him realize where's he falling short.  But then I remembered some very wise words from my spiritual mother, Pastor Lynette, "Pray for God to start putting His finger on things you need to work on instead of praying that He'd change your husband.  Because if you're not walking where you need to be, how can you expect your one-flesh to do the same?"  Really?  I need to work on myself?  Darn, that's no fun!  But it's oh-so-true!

Women, have you been here before?  You want to point the finger at your husband, but God just kindly and gently reminds you, "honey, I got this, let's fix some things in you and let me deal with him."  God is so good, His burden is light and He loves you so much that He doesn't want you to carry the weight of your husband's walk on your shoulders.

Kirste and I are going to delve more into this subject of praying for our husbands in the next few weeks.  We're excited to get with some other great ladies and get their take on this subject as well, so stay tuned.

P.S.  After much prayer and a lot of dealing with myself, I did bring it up to my husband and our discussion was so awesome and we both feel like we could improve on our relationship with God.

Till next time!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace