Praying For My Husband

I'm so excited to share with you about praying for my husband. When Candace brought up the idea I pondered about what I would say. I asked myself what it meant for me to be praying for my husband and what do I pray for?  I think in our generation today people easily just say, "I'll be praying for you or I'll pray for you."  But, do you actually then remember to pray for that person?  In other words, instead of saying you will pray for them, stop and pray right then (yes, in front of them) for them.I remember the first time praying with my husband over the phone when we were dating.  I thought to myself, I am going to say something completely irrational and dumb and he's going to think, "what in the world is this girl doing?" Well, 7 years later and we're still married and even though he may question me sometimes with love, I know that our prayer life together is stronger than ever. I talked a friend not too long ago about praying for her husband. It was brought up in the conversation about her really wanting to pray for him, but not having the courage to be the one to start it. How many of you have ever felt like that? Or, honestly for me, it's been more like "your the head of the house, you start, you initiate it, you do it." We have to remember that we have to hold each other up in prayer in our marriages. When my husband is weak, I am strong because God makes me strong. The same goes for me when I am weak.  As for the both of us, when we are both struggling we have God right up front in the center of our lives holding us and knitting us together as one flesh through Him by prayer. God says to not only praise Him in the good, but praise Him in the hard trials of life also. The times that I feel it is so hard to pray we have have to lift our hands (even though it may be hard) to the Holy One, the One who heals and loves and forgives and makes us whole. Praying for my husband is just that to me, wanting to be more like Jesus in the flesh. Even though it is hard to look at certain circumstances in life I know that I can stand praying for my husband by the strength of the Creator. God has placed in me power and authority to pray for my husband at any point in time. This could be from him getting a flat tire and being frustrated, to warring for him and praying for him to take every thought captive in certain situations. The Bible talks about praising Him with song. When we give worship to our Daddy we war in the spirit and can intercede with prayer for our husbands. This is something that God is always putting on my heart in song to not only worship Him, but worship through for my husband. To me there is nothing more powerful than standing worshipping and seeking God and the Holy Spirit through hard times, good times, etc.  Every time we connect with God in prayer, we are praising Him because we are acknowledging our need to set our burdens on His strong shoulders. We recently have been listening to a lot of Jake Hamilton or as Traycer would say "Jake Camel."  There is a song on the CD titled "Embrace." If you haven't listened to it, it's a must. This is a song that my husband sings to me and when he sings it, I feel the love of our Daddy. This song is constantly on my mind lately as a remembrance for me to pray for my husband and for me to listen to what my Daddy's telling me for him and for myself. As my Daddy is telling me it's all going to be okay, my husband and I are speaking that to each other and for each other in prayer for anything that would rise up. Look at the lyrics and see just how powerful this is.


Embrace: Jake Hamilton

I want to feel Your embrace I want to feel Your arms around I want to feel Your heart beating Next to mine, next to mine

And it's telling me

It's all gonna be okay It's all gonna be okay It's all gonna be okay It's all gonna be okay

I want to see You Your face Want to see who I can be Want to see what You can see In the mirror of Your eyes

And You're telling me

It's all gonna be okay It's all gonna be okay It's all gonna be okay It's all gonna be okay

And I know, if Your eye is on the sparrow Than Your heart is on me

And I don't have to wait To go to heaven when I die I wanna go right now We're gonna go right now

'Cause this is the sound of heaven Invading earth, this is the sound

Found from

Make sure you check out this youtube video

CW singing to us one evening after we got home late and blared the music while we all danced in the moonlight to this song! Gotta love it!


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XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste