God Change Me?

Kirste and I wanted to continue in the vain of praying for our husbands in the following blog posts as long as God sees fit. I'm having a blast learning to pray for my husband the way God wants me to and just seeing the everyday benefits are so exciting. I also really wanted dive in deeper and discover how God has transformed other marriages for the better through the wife laying aside her pride and ambitions to change her husbasnd and letting God first change her.

Two woman who I hold in very high esteem not only as Godly leaders in my life, but also as Godly wives are Pastor Lynette Gleghorn and Amy Fellini.  We have featured both of these women in our Cooped Up Confessions, if you'd like to check these out you can find them here and here.

Both of these women I admire so much not only for their ability to pour God's wisdom and love into my life but also how they talk about their husbands.  I'm not innocent by any means of how I've talked about my husband in the past, I know I've said words that have degraded him or made fun of him, but I've learned that deep down this not only hurts him but it wounds our relationship because we are one flesh.  Lynette and Amy are so quick to always highlight their husband's strong qualities and will of course share the funny stuff too.  But there's never a time in our conversation that I feel they are shaming their partners in any way.  I want to be like that, plain and simple!

In my first post on this topic, I talked about how God told me that He wanted to start with me first when it came to changing my husband and I had to offer that 3-word prayer up to Him, "God change me."  Well, I'm still in the midst of that and I'll let you know how it all turns out, haha.

So I sent this question to Lynette and Amy to glean whatever wisdom I could get from them.

Is there something that God has changed in you that has made you a better partner to your husband?


Lynette: What a great question. YES!!!!  Ha!  First one was, I quit asking God to "change" ANYTHING in my husband!  Oh Lord!  Every time God would show me it wasn't him that needed to change...it was ME!  God told me to quit putting Darin on my potter's wheel and to trust God with him.  God is his creator and writer of his destiny, not me.  So trust God with him!

One of my other favorites has been learning my husband spiritually.  We know our spouses physically and soulishly but learning them spiritually is huge.  Understanding their "spiritual eyes" helps us to appreciate the way they see the world and life.  Once I started learning Darin spiritually, I grew a whole 'notha level of honor and respect for him.  God made him to lead and discern in a certain way because of who he is created to be SPIRITUALLY.  AND, I found out how even more amazing God is because we compliment each other in the spirit perfectly!  Only God could do that!

Amy: I think the biggest thing is that I try to see my husband the way God sees him, especially when we are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Also, realizing that I am NOT always right, LOL!



Who knew praying for your husband could be such ministry to your own self?  I thank God that through the valleys and mountains in my marriage He is always constant and always good!

Have an amazing weekend!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace