Praying For Your Husband- His Salvation

One of my favorite ladies to follow on Facebook and Instagram is LeAnn Hart.  She has some great videos featuring short sermons, worship songs or just funny things that her husband or cute kids are up to.  This lady definitely has some chops when it comes to singing and I counted it such an honor to do worship with her before at PBR events. Regarding our ongoing series on Praying For Your Husband, I reached out to LeAnn to have her share a faith filled story that involved praying for her husband.

LeAnn will be the first to tell you that her marriage has definitely went through some valleys and there were times when she couldn't see how things could ever work out.  But God's love endured and LeAnn's persistence in praying FOR and ultimately WITH her husband not only led to the restoration of their marriage but to his salvation.  I pray that this will encourage wives who may be married to a man that hasn't completely given his heart to Jesus.  Not only will your godly conduct win him over but your prayers are petitioning the King of Kings to fight for your husband's heart!  So stick with it, girl!


Here, LeAnn shares how her husband came about to finally giving his LIFE to Jesus!

Back, way back when I was walking with the Lord and my husband was trying to keep up, there was a weekend he was out of town and I was home by myself. I had received a prayer request, I automatically took it to the feet of Jesus. After a few minutes I received a message and the prayer had been answered. In that same moment, I received another text from my husband that I knew wasn't meant for me! My heart started to pound and I then just asked the Holy Spirit to give me peace if it was nothing. Well, I got even more sick! I then made a call to JW requesting he get somewhere he could hear me! We had a conversation for roughly 20 minutes and that's not worth sharing, lol. I slammed the phone down and said, "ok, Lord what are we gonna do?" He answered, "forgive him!" I said, "well, that hasn't worked before so can we possibly try something new? Maybe something that includes a little torture? A little pain?" Lol, God said, "forgive him, how many times have I forgiven you? Ask him to give his life to me." I said, "well, I'm not supposed to pray that prayer with him!" (The thought just made me sweat bullets! I asked everyone else to pray that prayer surely I couldn't! I was too intimidated...) God said, "who are you to tell me who you are supposed to pray with?" A few minutes later I called JW and said, "I forgive you, but I can no longer pray your way to heaven & I can't keep repenting for you. I've even told the lord I couldn't pray this prayer with you & he said to me, 'LeAnn who are you to tell me who you are supposed to pray with?" JW then prayed a prayer of salvation right there on the phone! I was in Marietta, Ok and he was in Hollywood, FL. It was truly one of the most incredible nights of our marriage...

Then this past May during the JW Hart Challenge in Decatur, Tx fear tried to get my attention even before JW nodded his head. Automatically myself & Tiffany Davis bowed to pray. Excitement replaced that fear and faith that God was riding with JW took over. As soon as I realized JW had been knocked out I literally threw my hands in the air, palms up in prayer & I felt so many hands lay on my legs and waist. Then voices started to speak life over what was going on in the arena. For the first time ever, I gave my husband to the Lord and the comfort that He gave me back can't be captured with mere words. Faith in action is powerful! I knew JW was going to be ok & and at that moment I felt sorrow for everyone else there who had that doubt in their heart. Because no matter what happened in that arena I knew regardless JW was going to be safe in the arms of Jesus! Why? Because He promised me He had never left him...

Faith Forward! Learning to trust God & believe God isn't easy but if you allow him to, He will build your Faith above your Fear!

FAITH OVER FEAR...I love that!!!!

Much love!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace