Praying For Your Husband- Before You're Married!

Good morning!  I am so excited to announce our next special guest, newlywed, Breann Cardoso.  This little lady is truly like the little sister I never had but always wanted (I was the youngest of three girls in my family.)  Breann is a definite beauty on the inside and the out.  Her love for Jesus just amazes me and her heart for His Kingdom is always astonishing.  Breann formally went to Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry where she was able to experience God in so many  different and unique ways.  While in ministry school, Breann went on several missions trips.  Brazil was one of her last trips where she met her future husband, Bruno.  I am so thankful that Breann wanted to share her story of not only recently being married and praying for her husband now, but also the start of it all. While Breann seeked God for her husband, God was preparing not only Breann, but her husband Bruno as well. Take a look at the beginning of praying for her husband from Breann, herself.

It wasn't until about 3 years ago that I started making a list and thinking about what I wanted in a man.  I would make lists by myself and with friends, then we would pray for our husbands and for healing of past relationships.  On these lists I would put many specific things.  For example, I wanted him to be a muscician, love to travel as a lifestyle and be Lation (South American) ect. Here is one list I made with a friend 3 years ago...



Little did I know, he also had a list of over 50 very specific things for his wife and waited almost 7 years to find that girl (who was freakishly me!)  I was everything on that long list and more! T he first time he started reading it to me I thought he was reading things he loved about me, but it was his list!  I think it's very important to know who you are, what you love, and what you want to pursue in life when you write your list.  Don't let it be influenced by other people or something that you are not, if that makes sense.

Breann being fairly young (still older than I was when I got married) met her husband Bruno on January 20, 2015 in Brazil when she was on a missions trip. They started dating long distance on Februarty 11, 2015 and further seeked God in their relationship and what it was that He had for them. Within a matter of a few months and only having seen eachother once before, Bruno proposed and they got engaged on June 22 (this was the second time they saw each other.)  July 1, 2015 they made it official as they married in Sweeden. For any of you who are thinking, "wow !  That's a lot all at once!"  Yes it is!  I can say that my hubs and I had seen each other more than that but were dating for 4 months, engaged and married within a matter of 8 weeks. When you know that's the one God has for you, you just go for it!

image Breann has now been away from her new husband for a whole month! Anyone who has experienced being away from your husband whether, it's for a few days or a long period of time, knows how hard this can be.  Especially if you add children into the mix! Today as I write this, Breann is finally traveling back to Brazil along with her belongings to be with her new hubby. Here is what she's said about being away from him. 

Breann: It has been a huge challenge for the both of us.  In our situation I pray for our provision financially and every other way.  I pray for his job that he is in, that he would have the wisdom he would need and that his day would move smoothly.  I also pray for the things I know he struggles with that God would give him the strength he needs to overcome.  I prophecy over him at times whenever he is needing encouragement in who he is as a child of God and what he does at work and in the church.  I constantly am telling him how incredible he is and how thankful I am for a man as loving and perfect as him, as he does the same and more for me!  Not only do I tell him that, but I thank God everyday for my husband being my greatest miracle besides salvation.  Sometimes it feels like a dream.  I never expected God to put the man of my dreams in my life at such an unexpected time!  We pray together for our marriage all the time, and there are many moments where fear from past relationships and hurts come up, and we talk and pray about them together and work through it.  It's the beginning of a journey for us of always choosing love and trust over fear and hurts.


What my husband and I hold in high esteem in our marriage: 1. Relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  2. Honesty, always telling each other everything! 3. Respect and honor. 4. Choosing love no matter the situation or how we feel.  5. Keeping life fresh and new, always moving forward.

Here is my advice to some of you who are waiting and seeking God for the one He has for you.  There is SO much advice to give!  But some of the greatest pieces I would give is to: 1) First, find Jesus as your beloved, your husband.  He is the only one that can fill any void in your heart, mind, or spirit!  You have to be whole and healthy in Him first, as your First Love.  Marriage is two WHOLE people coming together to be more powerful, not two halves becoming one.

2) Live your calling and purpose in God and don't search for that person.  The one for you will come along side you in God's perfect timing as you are looking straight ahead running towards God and H is calling for you!

3) Know what you want and don't settle for anything less! God put the desires of your heart in you for a reason. 

4) Follow peace. 

5) Know how to set boundaries and when to say , "NO" and when it's ok to say "yes."  Guard your heart above all things.  Learn self control.

6) On the other side, don't think all men are bad and you can't trust them!  There are good men, God will bring you yours, just trust Him to!

 7) Last, I really wish I would have made a longer more specific list of what I wanted in my man.  It's crazy how God knows what you want and more than YOU know of what you need.

One last thing, I also just want to say that through our journey and one of my biggest revelations is that the valuable precious things in life are actually fought for.  People think if things are going wrong and their is opposition against us, maybe it's not meant to be.  But, I would like to suggest it's exactly the opposite most times!  Follow peace and the Holy Spirit and know when it's your fight and when it's not.




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