A Child's Faith

So I've really been thinking and praying about how we can teach our girls about the love of God and the magnitude of what Jesus did on the cross for them.  I just think back to my childhood and I knew that God loved me, but I didn't really learn how big of a deal it was that Jesus died on the cross for ME until I was well into young adulthood. I'm not the crazy mama who wants to dramatically make a huge deal out of this for my girls, but I really feel like for all people, you don't get how much God loves you until you accept that Jesus died because He wanted to save you and me, not because He deserved it.  I want to show them the joy that comes out of letting go and worshipping God, how to pray prayers that ignite power from the Holy Spirit to release ministering angels and I want them especially to ask God to sow huge, amazing, and radical dreams into their little hearts!


My husband and I totally agree that the best way to convey this message to them is by living it in real life.  I love putting worship music on and just getting totally silly with my girls.  I know that God's presence just descends on the joy that is happening in those moments.  Or when we come across someone in the grocery store that needs healing and we take the time to pray over them.  I want to show them that our faith and God's love extends farther than our church doors and He's waiting for willing hearts to help Him change the world.

So for the next few posts, Kirste and I are going to ask some other wisdom-filled friends that can explain what they love to do with their kiddos to expand their faith and we'll share books, other blog posts and anything else we that can help us, as well as our reader's in our journey to nourish our children's faith.


So make sure to check back with us next week!

Much love,

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace