Bathroom Makeover: Part 1!

So we officially became home owners for our first house in January of 2012, in which every inch of the house was white walls and everything oak!  Not saying there is anything wrong with oak or white, but we had excessive of both and that was not for me! DSC_2557 So, being the creative type that I am, I have slowly started to re-design things the way I like them.  Now these are all simple things that really anyone could do to spice up different things in your house whether it is on a piece of furniture, walls ect.

So, having had carpet in the bathroom (which I'm sorry, totally grosses me out) we bought new flooring and my husband said that I needed to paint the cabinets first, because let's just be honest I am kind of a lazy/sloppy painter sometimes and rely on using Hot Shot (an awesome carpet/upholstery stain remover for ANYTHING kids spill + paint), then I do actually covering and taping up everything!  So, with that agreement, the project began!

I will say that I love mixing paint colors to find the color I like and using different paint textures to find the desired look.  But, an all time favorite of mine is the look of milk paint and chalk paint!  Let me tell you a little about chalk paint… It's amazing!!! To use this paint rarely requires any preparation as far as sanding what your painting or priming!  I have used this on different surfaces some of which are wood, metal, and plastic!  Also, I know people use it on walls, ceilings and floors very easily too!  Who knew there could be a paint, that you could use for just about anything, and so accessible to many people!


There is a variety of colors of Chalk Paint to choose from in which you can also mix those colors together to make something of your own desired look.

Check it out, here is what I did!

Step #1. Painted the color Provence from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint first, then after a few hours painted the second coat! (you can choose to do one or two coats depending on what your painting) I just used a wide paint brush mainly and then a narrow tip for the edges of the cabinets.









Step #2. You can use cheesecloth, yeah I had no idea what that was…(my mother said it's found in the cooking isle at Walmart) or you can use an old washrag and coat all over where you painted the solid color with the Annie Sloan Clear Wax.   (PICTURE HELP THANKS TO TRAYCER!… HE WANTED TO HELP HOLD ALL THE MATERIALS)









Step #3. Do the same as before but with the Annie Sloan Dark Wax. You can experiment with the desired amount and thickness you want deepening on how distressed you'd like your piece to look! Another great tip from my momma… Use Mineral Spirit, NOT Mineral Oil… and mix it in with your brown wax to make it a yogurt texture and it will go on easier and not clump up as much!



Step #4. Enjoyed the look of my new distressed cabinets, next step….flooring!!! will post pictures when the bathroom is fully done!!! 


The store that I bought Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was from Eastham Interiors in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  I had heard somewhere in Ft. Collins sold chalk paint, so I did some research and saw Eastham Interiors!  As I read on their website their goal was "to help you make your home the one you always envisioned – and on a budget that doesn’t keep you up at night", I knew this would be a great place for me to go!  I love the integrity of people helping you stick with your budget while being able to create your desired/dream look for something!  From the moment I walked in, I was AMAZED at the level of creativity in which the store was designed and the pieces of furniture in it.  The gentleman who was in the store offered immediate assistance in helping me find what I would need and even offered suggestions!  The prices were great for what I needed and they also have some GORGEOUS pieces in there to check out already finished!  I know I will be going back there because of the beauty and heart behind the store's motto!  Also, when someone personally invites my child and I back in the store to help with anything I need, I'm there! 

Here is their webpage! or check out their blog @

3710 Mitchell Dr. Suite 100 Fort Collins CO 80525

Or to find a store near you, you can visit! 

~CoopedUpCowboysWife Kirste