Child Like Faith

image This is just a little blurb for my post today for our new series!  There will be more throughout the series but after going to church yesterday, this just ministered to me so much!  Our Pastor was talking about where your value is. Who do you find your value in?  Do you find your value in other people and what they say and think about you?  Or do you find your value in the Creator, the one who made you perfectly the way you are. Think about that.  If everyone tells us that we are beautiful as a woman, but we don't believe it ourselves.  It won't make any difference what anyone else says to us, will it?  But, if God tells us that we are beautiful, then we are beautiful because He created us. Another thing that our Pastor mentioned was to focus on what is noble, what is good and what is righteous!  Wow! Instead of focusing on the bad things that your children have done, focus on the good.  We can reprimand our kids for whatever they are choosing to do at that time, but if we are only doing that, then I would really question what good we are doing to teach our kids to make the right choices.  I want my son Traycen to know that he is noble, and he is good and he is righteous because God made him that way.  We all mess up and all stumble and our kids will do the same, it's just whether what us as parents choose to do after that!  We need to be raising our kids up in His kingdom.  We need to be encouraging them daily, maybe even hourly about the good things they are doing.  This goes from little ones up to high schoolers.  When we teach our kids in love the way they are suppose to act, the way they are suppose to treat each other and their mom and dad, we are establishing His love in them and His righteousness and worthiness. I pray right now that each and everyone of you would take a step back from your parenting and look at what you are doing.  Are you only correcting time after time and not showing them love?  Encourage them and show them who God has called them to be.  Explain to them what it is that God wants for us and what God likes to see them doing. God open the doors for new ways to help our kids and to help show them and teach them Your love and all that you have for them! Till next time, XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste