A Child's Faith

As I was talking with my husband this morning and talking about raising up children in the faith, CW said probably the most important thing to him for our son (children some day) would be to worship as a family. He said that going to church as a family is important because you are setting the standard of importance of your relationship with Christ, being with family and fellowshipping together in unity with the body. Through different researching of this subject it is commonly stated that there is a larger percentage off kids who will attend church and continue on in their faith regularly if both parents are involved in a relationship with Christ and attending a church. As being the head of our household there is an importance of the dad leading his family through his walk with God and helping to assist his wife and children in guiding them in their walk with Christ. CW says that "as the head goes the body will follow". How true is this? When you think about it in the physical and you look somewhere you are going to turn in that direction. This is the same in the spiritual. Where my husband is going, I am going to more than likely follow (unless I'm being stubborn, which let's be honest runs in my family). This applies to our son too. Where my husband and I go, what we do and how we walk out our relationship with Christ, our son is going to mimic that also. I think about the way my husband worships God. When he's driving in the car and gets to listen to worship music, he's all out. So, guess what... my little man does the same thing. It's a natural habit for us to follow what our father does. This is also the same as we should be keeping our focal point on Jesus and following where our Daddy is leading us to. I get so excited when I get to see my child do something that he may have seen my husband or I do at some point. For example I love getting to bless people with things (I need to do a better job at receiving on the other end), but our little man sees us do that and he wants to do the same. We don't even have to tell him to give someone something. Traycen just wants to give out from his heart for that specific person. A few weeks ago my other Cooped Up Mama was at our house getting ready to leave when Traycen finds his little cowboy hat from when he was a baby. He asks me if he can go give the cowboy hat to Miss Odessa Rose. I told him of coarse and then he brings it to Candace to give to Odessa. Candace then looks at me and asks if that's okay with me and I said yes. To me, its a material posession. Yes, that may or may not have been Traycens first little cowboy hat, I honestly don't remember. But that's not important to me. What is more important to me is that Traycen wanted to give that hat to Odessa. He wanted to pour out of his heart and give something to someone else. At our house we want our kids to know that if God tells them to give something, then give it. I know some people may be thinking,"but what if it's brand new or it held super high importance of something... !"I've asked myself before too. The thing is, that if God tells your kids to give it, then trust that they are hearing from God to be obedient in what God told them to give. God telling them to give that special something is your kids stepping out into faith of what God has said to do. God will even honor them for giving it as they honor God. God is so cool like that. What better of an age to start to form your kids hearts. Let them take control in what God is telling them to do and how God is telling them to do it. We need to be empowering our children as they hear the Lord speak and not just "controlling" what we think they should or shouldn't give. My theory has always been that God gave it to us in the first place whether we bought it or not. He holds the provisions for all of our things. If the time is up in one day, two weeks or a year, then we need to be obedient in what He is telling us to do with it. If we need that certain "thing" at another point, He will be the one providing the provision for it again. 

I pray that you would seek God in all things this week! I pray that God would show you how to help lead your little ones in everything that they do. I encourage you to start to ask them to have God show them who it is that they can give something to. Ask them to pray about it and then give that person the thing they feel like they need! Our little ones hear from the Holy Spirit so empower them to do it! 

Here's some photos of my hubby and my little man! 




Till next time,

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife