Mama Needs a Break!

Okay, so I'm speaking to all of our mama readers out there.  I hate leaving anyone out, but this mama needs to vent or scream or a long-overdue trip to Target by herself!!!  Am I all alone here?? My 3 year old, Sheridan, has taken the "question asking stage" to a whole notha' level this last week and I'm seriously ready to pull my hair out.  I know that this is how she takes the whole world in and is learning and I really am not wanting to stifle that.  But the "why" question that's been happening as of lately, I believe is just to get mommy to go crazy!


For example, this morning she was watching a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode that is her favorite that we have recorded on our DVR.  She's seen this episode at least 50+ times (yes, I'm that mom that puts on tv to get something done, haha) so as she's watching it she continues to ask me, "Mommy what happened to Mickey...why did they do that...where are they going??" so at first, since I've seen this episode almost the same number of times, I answer her questions.  But then comes the "why, why why?"  Oh my gosh, child, I don't know!  Because he wants to, because she was happy... what do you want from me kid?  Okay, that's a little melodramatic, but after I calmly answered the "why" questions, then came more "why" questions.  It's like by answering one question that multiplied more questions!  Then, she'd get upset with me because the answer I gave her wasn't what she was looking for in an answer.  That's when I started disciplining her.  I'm not above disciplining my child when she starts whining because she doesn't get she wants or doesn't get the answer she was hoping to get.

So after I put the girls down for a nap (can I get an AMEN for nap time???) I went outside and I prayed.  "God, will you show me how to have wisdom for dealing with my child right now?  I could really use your help!"  God is so good in answering me right away.  He told me that so many times His children ask why and many times He answers them right away but most of the time His children respond better if He can show them.  Days, months, or years may pass but God will show that person why something happened.  The answer may not be what the person wanted to hear and they may get angry with God, but if they choose to wait and trust in Him they will learn to understand His ways.  They will look at a situation and know where God is in it and where the work of the devil may be taking root.  The more they get to know their Creator the less they'll blame God for bad things happening.  Evil is not in Him, it never has been and it never will be.  But He's not above using the devil's schemes to turn a bad situation into good by teaching His children how to trust in Him.  This always makes me think of Joseph and the horrible events that took place in his life.  His own brothers threw him in a pit and then sold him into slavery.  From there he was put into prison after Potipher's wife's accusations and then finally he was risen up into a position of honor and saved an entire nation because he trusted in God.  He looked back at all of the atrocities that befell him but he saw God's goodness and how God was able to use him because he continued to trust God.

So talk about a major rabbit trail from Mickey Mouse to Joseph in the Bible,  but I just want to show you my imperfections and struggles in my everyday life and how God is there for me in my "whys?"  He's there for you too and He always will be.  He promises to never leave you or forsake you.  So, I will continue to answer my precious girl's questions to the best of my ability and I will hopefully learn to show her the answers more than just speak them.  But most of all I pray that I can show her God's unfailing love and kindness towards her.

Have a blessed day!

Cooped Up Cowboy's Wife- Candace