Letting the Lion Roar

imageWe all know parenthood comes along with the trials of raising children and helping them grow up to be the strong little warriors God intends them to be! Although, I will admit I personally love getting to spoil my child by taking him to the park or getting him that "special something" he saw at the store, playing pirate ship or just spending quality time with him. But, my most favorite is when I get to see him sing, dance and worship Jesus Christ. Our kids have Jesus forefront in their relationship.  They have not been "corrupted" from the cares of the world (to say the least).  They trust in us as parents and they trust in Jesus because they know no different. Sunday evening we decided to go try something new and attend a service that was called "Let The Lion Roar." This service was featured around "Sukkot," the Feast of Tabernacles. There was to be praise, worship, dancing and teaching. So we knew somewhat of what would be presented at this festivity. Now some of you right now may be questioning what the Feast of Tabernacles is, so I will kind of fill you in.

The Feast of Tabernacles is an eight day festival that begins at sundown on the first day of the feast.  In Romans 11:17 it states, "And if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them, and with them became a partaker of the root and fatness of the olive tree." This means that we are grafted in and share our rich heritage and roots of this celebration. Anyways if you'd like more in depth teaching look up the book "A Family Guide To The Biblical Holidays" by Robin Sampson and Linda Pierce.

At this celebration we didn't know what it would look like but we are open enough people to go and experience God in any way, shape and form. We got there a little late and sat in on the teaching. During the teaching the Israeli celebration dancers would get up and dance during the service, leaving opportunity at the end for everyone to participate.  I asked Traycen if he wanted to participate and he jumped right in.  I love when kids just go for it. We literally danced and praised Jesus for a long time. Traycen had such a blast and the joy on his face was so contagious. At one point I was tired of dancing and being on my feet but my little boy wanted to stay and worship the King and so we did so. This was such a memorable worship for our family as we stepped into something new and experienced the joy of God in an entirely different way. I encourage you to step out into the newness of what Gods calling you to do. Be with your little ones and just praise the Lord. I know I probably looked like a goof "trying" to dance how the Israeli dancers were guiding us, but it was all for the Glory of God and so it didn't matter. When you are obedient and just let God shine through you, it doesn't matter. Hope you enjoy some of these pictures!




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