Conversations With A 4 Year Old!

Have you ever just sat and talked to your children? What kinds of things do they talk about? I love talking to my child. I find that our most precious moments are when we get to snuggle, when he shares something special with me or our small talks through out each day. Sometimes our talks consist of the randomness of how our day is going and how he burped when he ate a pickle, to the seriousness of why God loves us and why not everyone has Jesus in their heart. I personally think that when we get questions like that, we as parents need to be intentional on how we are responding to these questions for our little ones. I as some of you can admit that sometimes I just don't know how to answer some of the questions he asks me. Or I don't have the time he is wanting me to explain the answer to him. But, I think that we need to be intentional about sitting down with our little ones and conversing with them about these things. This is just what we got to do today! I hope you enjoy some of our small conversations from the day!  image

Mommy: Trayce what is your favorite thing about God? 

T: That we love Him and that He loves me. 

Mommy: What does that mean to you to love Him? 

T: That it means loving everyone and it means good not bad. 

Mommy: What does God do for you? 

T: He makes good things like strength. He also makes us Glorious. 

Mommy: What does that mean to be Glorious? 

T: To be strong and have strength and be healthy. 

Mommy: That's so true Trayce! Does God make your heart healthy too? What does God do in your heart? 

T: When there's yucky stuff and bad things, He washes your heart out...Cool huh? 

Mommy: Yes that's so neat that He can do that for people. Is that what happens when we forgive too? 

T: Well it (forgiving) means to say sorry and to forget and throw it away. 

At this point I'm just honestly in awe of what my child is saying because I think it's amazing!!! 

Our conversation continues to go on about when friends do things that hurt our feelings. We talk about how we say sorry and then we throw it away so that we don't keep bringing it up. This has been a recent thing for Traycen to say as we are going through the "tattler" stage of wanting to make sure everyone else is doing what they are suppose to do! Anyways I decided to change the subject and to ask Traycen what we can do for our friends when we get hurt feelings and we want ourselves and our friends to make good decisions. 

T: We should pray for friends that come over and play with us. 

Mommy: When should we pray for them?

T: All the time! But you can't pray for people to come back from Heaven. They are there in Heaven for all time. 

Mommy: Who is in Heaven? Can you tell me about what you mean? (He looks at me silly sometimes when I ask questions like this because he knows that I already know).

T: People go there when they die. You get to see them sometime. You only get to see them when your old, like me I'll get old one day and be able to go there when I'm real real old. I'll see my dad's dad and my dad's grandpa. 

Then the conversation changed to going to his Moo-Ma and Papos house this weekend! It was short but sweet! I love these moments of small talk with Traycen. They truly are a blessing because I feel as my child talks, I get to learn. Yes I know the answers to these questions, but the way a child presents the answers are so pure and faithfilled it just amazes me. They make things so simple when we are the ones trying to make sure we have the correct answer and make sure it sounds right. We tend to make things more complicated for ourselves when all along our kids know the answers and are saying "just listen to me, it's simple."

I encourage you all to sit down and really dig into a conversation with your little one. Make time in your day, your week to talk to them about God. We can send them to church all we want in hopes that they will have a relationship fulfilled with Gods love, but we need to guide them in that. We need to step up and lead them into knowing God more. Through this we probably learn more about ourselves as we are learning more about God through them. 


Till next time, 

XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste