How To Dress Your Bed

Does anyone other than me have the obsession of changing things up in their home? I have inherited my mothers creativeness to "change things up" every once in a while. Although I can say that it is not my husbands favorite characteristic that I have (he still loves me). I totally get it though! Coming home from a late night at work, going to sit down on your couch and ending up on the floor is not the greatest way to welcome your husband home for the night! I can attest to some silly stories like that in my household because of my need and want to move things around! But, I have changed...or so I like to think. I have been trying really hard to not completely rearrange my house. To any person who doesn't have this struggle, your probably thinking "seriously?" But, truly it's a mind boggling thing when you feel like you need to change things up always. In order to keep a happy hubby, I have taken the initiative to not always "move things around", but to just change things in the atmosphere of a room. For example this would be changing pictures on the wall, decorative art, painting a bedside stand different color, ect. One of my most recent changes has been our beds in our house! I guess you could say I like the feel of something different every once and a while, so this change up was easy enough. As Candace said in her last blog post that fall in Colorado is at hand and cooler weather is coming in, this means we needed to put away the summer things and pull out the warmer items. There is nothing more inviting than a warm place in my house when I am cold! A good fire (yes we have a wood burning fireplace at this house), and a blanket is always nice. But, I'm talking about that warm place when you go to bed! I have to be warm in my bed, without having to bundle myself up. For myself I don't like the chaos of having your pants get all twisted up as your sleeping, it's a personal problem. I have found that dressing up your bed for fall/winter in Colorado is definitely a necessity, at least in this house! I love the feel of soft cool sheets in the summer time, but in the winter it has got to change! Take a look at our change ups and how we dressed up this bed!

  1. Sheets! I used to not ever like flannel sheets, but in the past couple of years I have fallen in love with them. They are the perfect start to any bed in the cold months of Colorado. You can find flannel sheets at about any store! I don't remember where I found these, but I decided on a paisley floral look. They are definitely priced well and they last for a while since your using them seasonally.image
  2. A good down comforter for that extra fluff! I like the feeling of the fluff over me and down comforters you can find in about any color at any home goods store.image
  3. Pendelton, my favorite! Although Pendleton blankets are expensive, they are totally worth the cost! These blankets are made out of wool and look great on any bed! This Pendleton was given to me by my mother! I love it because I can choose either side I want to display and it's an easy change up. Check out several different blankets, throws,  and bedding @
  4. Pillows! Who loves pillows? I definitely love a good pillow to sleep on and even more the ones that dress up your bed. Although, I don't like too many pillows. At our house it's about simplicity! If you have ever heard that saying K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) that applies here. Personally I like the look of having pillows but when it comes to undressing your bed and then dressing it back up the next day, you want to keep it complex. We have a new store near us called "At Home" where I found these burlap pillows which were great prices. If you already have pillows and just want to change them up, you can buy pillow covers which are always easy and affordable. Check out Hobby Lobby for those!image

Send us pictures of how you dress up your bed! We would love to hear from you! I hope everyone has a super day and remember to be blessed in all you do! You have favor where you go!


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