Being "You"

I definitely believe that knowing who you are and that being comfortable in who you are is freedom.  Growing up I remember looking up to one girl in particular at my dance studio.  She was gorgeous, popular and extremely talented.  I remember studying she did her hair, wore her clothes and how she talked.  But no matter how hard I tried, I'd look in the mirror at the end of the day and I would see me and not her.  Of course, I heard endlessly from parents, friends and teachers that you are unique and are perfect the way you are.  But it didn't change how I felt about myself.  I hate to say that this can be a struggle for me still today, especially with how much social media and the portrayal of perfection endlessly surrounds us.  I know that God wired us this way for a reason, but it wasn't to look unto another person for our contentment in who we are, it's to look to Him and to what He's wanting to lead us into. chalkboard

A very wise woman that I'm so blessed to have in my life as my pastor, spiritual mother and friend, Lynette Gleghorn explained it like this, "You are never more "you" than when you are in total surrender to God-because He made you and knows who He created you to be.  We are never more "found" than when we are totally lost in His love."  My heart just flourishes when I rest in this truth.  Who would I want to please more than God?  And if all He's asking me to do is just be "me" I feel confident that I can do that!  Haha, but that's just the first step,  letting Him take me by the hand and lead me into everything that He created me to be is almost more than I can fathom.  He's so faithful, loving and good and He promises to never leave me.

So today I encourage you to get into your Bible and pray, ask God why He made you and what has He put on your heart to do.

Love you all so much!!!