Seasons of Thankfulness

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving I felt like it was appropriate to share some things that I am thankful for with you.  Every year when Thanksgiving comes around I really think about just what it is that I am thankful for.  The things that I was thankful for last year are different than this year.  Of coarse, I am always going to be thankful for Jesus Christ and what He did for me, my husband CW, my son Traycen, and my extended family and friends.  Another thing that I have learned to be thankful for is the season that God has me in and what God is doing in my life.  Although our seasons our always changing, Gods love always remains. Whether you are in a great season or a testing season, you feel like you have nothing or you feel like you have everything, God's love always endures through it all.  God makes a way for us!  I can stand here today and say that I have been in places this year where I didn't know how I was going to make it through this season. I have learned though that God is in control of it all and He continually makes a way for me through everything in the season that I am in.  God continually is speaking to me to trust Him.  It's sometimes easier said than done, but He just keeps pushing me saying, "trust me!"  I am so thankful that I can call Him my Daddy and that He continually "keeps me" and never lets me go. I'm praying for you in the season that you are in or the season that God is leading you into, for you to be able to trust His voice as He guides you. I pray that you would allow God's love to permeate your heart and to be open to what He has for you. Every season is different but keep pressing in to where He has you and where He is taking you. Know that He is faithful in ALL things and that His love ALWAYS remains! 

Till next time,  XOXO Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste

P.S. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and are blessed by His love!