What's Been Going On

I don't know about anyone else, but this summer has flown by for us.  I saw a saying that "August is the Sunday of Summer" and I feel it couldn't be more true.  Even though I don't have school aged kids just yet, whenever I see "Back-to-School Sale" I can't help but feel a little pang of sadness.  Back when I was in school, the end of summer meant no more lazy days of just riding my horse all over the countryside, packing picnics to eat down by the creek with the neighbor kids and running through the sprinklers every afternoon when the day heated up.  No, back-to-school meant catching the bus at 6am since we lived out of town, the sun going down early and of course... cold Colorado weather. Here at the ranch we have been busy with end of summer chores as well.  This includes pulling bulls off cows, rotating cows to different pastures and mowing and spraying weeds.  The mowing and spraying of weeds seems to never end.  The worst is the sand burr, this is actually a grass, but once it matures nothing wants to eat it.  The burrs that grow at full maturation are nasty little suckers that stick to everything.  Horses, people, dogs and pretty much any living creature hates to walk through a sand burr plant.  Next year, we hope to get an earlier handle on it, but now we just do what we can to combat it.

Besides chores, we have been having some fun too.  Sheridan is at such a fun age and I love watching her experience new things.  So at least once a week we like to go somewhere that gets us off the ranch. 

Here are some pics of the fun we've been having our last few weeks of summer:

Sheridan's 2nd Minnie Mouse BirthdayIMG_2884

My Hummingbird! So excited to see one!


Splash park fun.


10 year high school reunion...I feel old!


Odessa is finally enjoying car rides, yes!


Trips to see Papa's foals.


Throwing sand on ourselves.


Giving Roscoe lots of love.


Odessa and Sheridan's first parade.


The end to our summer looks like it will include a few more rodeos, a baseball game and I'm hoping a trip to the lake.

Who else is mourning the end of summer?