Busy Bags!

So when I first heard this term "busy bag", I wasn't quite sure what it meant.  A new friend was telling me how she had to make busy bags for kids at a moms event she was going to, little did she know what a busy bag was at first either.  So, a busy bag is a kids activity bag to occupy them, simple right?  She said every kid got a busy bag from another person so it was really cool to see the different things that the moms came up with to put in the bags!  I totally stole this idea from her "thanks Lacy"!  I bet every one of you could find something you already have in your house to create some type of "busy" activity for your children.  This is the one I had seen at my friends house and I really liked it.  It not only keeps them busy, but helps them coordinate matching colors.  I love hands on activities where my kid is learning at the same time, so for me this was great!  Supplies:

DSC_2613*Any color of paint swabs from the store (I had fun picking out the colors because I love all the creative paint colors)

*Scissors (for you and kid-safe scissors for your little one)

*Glue, I used Elmers glue and I gave Traycer a glue stick as it was just cleaner that way! 

*Clothes Pins, I used wooden so that the glue I had would stick better




1. Cut out from each color a small thin piece that will cover the clothes pin, and then cut bigger pieces that you will clip the clothes pin onto the matching color. 

2. Glue each thin colored paper onto each clothes pin and let them dry. DSC_2618

3. Once they are dried, get to matching away! 

4. Have fun! I gave Traycer his own paper to cut shapes and then a few extra clothes pins to glue whatever to! 

This is a simple, easy craft/great learning activity.  I liked using colors from the same color palate also so that he could really concentrate on matching colors if there were two different types of the same color! 




Here is all our matching colors put together! 


This is what it looked like when we finished… "all the hard work".  Just kidding! 


Of coarse, like I always say, "Traycers has to be in the picture"!  He loves the camera! 


Would love to hear from you about your "busy bag" activities!  Were all creative in our own ways and I love sharing ideas with other moms! 

Till next time, 

Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste