Re-Sale 4 Kids!

As you are probably beginning to learn more about me, you've noticed that I LOVE good deals!  My husband used to think I never wanted to buy new things… I do, but when you can find a good deal on something gently used, I'm there.  Many of you moms probably feel the same way as I do about accumulating things given to your children.  I know for us we have a lot of just stuff; massive amounts of toys, clothes, kids stuff ect.  I am so very thankful for all the people who have blessed us with hand me downs and things for my son, but we only have one kid right now and we have a lot of stuff.  I am for donating stuff and usually do most of the time, but thought Traycer needs some new clothes before school starts and what a great way to exchange some things that we aren't using right now for stuff he could be using. When we told him that we would be selling some of his stuff, he didn't like that, but when we told him we would be exchanging it for new stuff he got excited because he is literally obsessed with #1. Socks, and #2. Shorts!  I don't know a kid who loves his clothing more than mine.  I think it is because he looks up to a couple of the older kids and likes what they wear and wants to be like them because they are "sheep fighters, and bull fighters" and that's why.

So, we gathered up a bunch of different things and took them to the store where they go through everything and offer you a certain price for your things or store credit. Here's a look a just a little of what we took in! 


The used kids resale store around us is called Once Upon a Child. Take a look at their site and see if there's a store near you! 










Here is some of the things we ended up exchanging for; shorts (like I said, the kid LOVES shorts), shirts, and jackets! I LOVE the jean jacket we found, Traycer said "it's just like daddy's".









IMG_1994          IMG_1995




  Of coarse, the little man had to show off all of what he just got! (love his funny faces)





And last, after all the shopping, we had to go to Mickey D's and enjoy a "special treat".  IMG_1998    


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