Candace's Chicks

These are my babies... DSC_2377

Sheridan will be the BIG 2 on July 27th. She is one fun, little kiddo. Like most 2 year olds, she doesn't sit still for long. She loves to be outside and is especially fond of flowers, even though most of the flowers around here are more of the weed type. But she doesn't care a bit.


She loves to visit with our animals and I can't get enough of watching her walk around saying, "Hi bulls." "Hi hee's (horses)." "Hi baa's (goats)." I love her little voice and hearing all of the new words she learns every day.

My Odessa Rose is of the quieter bunch. And that's not just because she's only 2 months old. She just seems a little more easy going than her rambunctious Big Sis.

IMG_2411                        DSC_2427

She's not up to much these days, just eating, sleeping and looking precious.

So these are my kiddos. Gosh, God has sure blessed us.