First day PRE-K!

So, this week finally came… the one I'd been contemplating with my 3 year old! Pre-School!!! I totally had mixed emotions of it.  Just recently he had started crying and more less screaming when we would go to our home church and another close by when he had to go into kids church.  It wasn't because he didn't like going in there, it was because he dearly loves one teacher in there and she wasn't in there when he went.  After never having experienced handing my child off when he's throwing a rucket, I had to for a couple weeks (which  I might add was so extremely horrible) at church.  He always would come out happy as if he had not cried at all going in, but I thought o no what if he does this when I take him to pre-school.  So, this last week at church he saw his favorite teacher and she got to explain to him that she wouldn't be in his classroom and that another wonderful gal would be in there.  Simply enough, he said okay and walked right in. After seeing this, I knew he'd probably be okay dropping him off to pre-school, which he was!  I think for every new parent of a kid going to school, its sometimes harder on the parent than it is actually the kid!  I know for me, I wondered what am I going to do? Should I get a job, which really wouldn't pay me enough by the time I drove into town to work at it, should I start re-doing furniture at my house, what?  Although I know I have several projects and things around the house that I can do, I feel like this season of him going to school (because I may end up home schooling him), I am going to grow more and more closer to God.  I am so excited to get to seek him more and dwell with Him in the secret place!

So with all this, we are on a start to a new journey, not only for Traycen, but for myself as well. Hope you enjoy these pictures! 


Here is a picture of Traycen making his lunch before school. He was super stoked to get to make his lunch just like we do for daddy and even packed the same things!


This is Traycen after school with two thumbs up.  The first thing he said to me when I picked him up was "I had a fun day mommy"! which as you can imagine totally made me feel so good about leaving him there all day! 


After school his mooma (grandma) had brought him a special present (rocks) with a note telling him that she was proud of him and his first day of school! 



Till later! XOXO CoopedUpCowboysWife Kirste