Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

This last Sunday we enjoyed America's favorite pastime .  Kody and I, both, have not been to a Colorado Rockies game since we went in middle school for making the honor roll.  I know, I know...really, Kody made the honor roll?  Yes!  He's actually a pretty sharp dude.  In the one semester of college he took before he made it on the PBR Tour, he could show up on test day without an hour of studying under his belt and ace a test.  I'd like to know his secret! Anyways...so we got to go to the Colorado Rockies game and we had a blast!  It was Family Faith Day featuring Jeremy Camp in concert and we got to meet the rest of our Northern Colorado Cowboy Church family down there.  We left Odessa with my parents since I wasn't sure if our seats would be in the sun.  And lets face it, babies in the sun with limited shade is not fun for anyone.  So Sheridan got a much needed "date" with Mommy and Daddy.  All morning I was telling to her about the baseball game we were going to see and she would get wide-eyed and say, "Oooh!"  So needless to say, she was pretty stoked. 

The highlights of the day for Sheridan had to be:

1. Chasing a pigeon around the sidewalk.  I honestly think it was too fat to fly. It just kept walking very fast away from her as she screamed in a high pitch, "Birdie, wait!"


2. Seeing the Rockies Mascot, Dinger.  I wish we could've met him in person.  She thought he was a monkey.  Notice, he's not a monkey.

IMG_0098.JPG (2)

3. Having fun with her daddy!

IMG_0051 IMG_0064.JPG (2) IMG_0085

4. Cheesing for mommy!

IMG_0077.JPG (2) IMG_0075.JPG (2) IMG_0058.JPG (2)

5. Getting to clap and dance to awesome Praise & Worship to the King of Kings!


Oh and I thought I better post a pic of my baby Odessa Rose! She' getting so big and so smiley, but of course most of the pics I get of her are when she's sleeping.

IMG_0046.JPG (2)'Till next time,

Cowboy's Wife Candace