Clutter in the kitchen!

Does anyone's kitchen, or pantry get "cluttered" with stuff?  I will admit that mine totally does!  Not only do we have a mess in the pantry with a 3 year old liking to go through stuff on the shelves, but also I feel I make a lot of the clutter in there too.  Or, do you have a place on the counter where papers, mail, anything junk clutters up?  We definitely do at our house, and the worst part is that it never fails when someone comes over, it gets shoved somewhere then rarely gets picked back up. Here is our two clutter spaces in our kitchen. This first one is the side of our counter where things such as mail, pens, toys, bills, coloring sheets, and other things "accumulate".


This is after I organized and relocated the "clutter".  I knew I needed something to contain papers/junk ect. on the counter, so I found this box that had organizers in it that I could place the miscellaneous things in to get the clutter off the counter.  So I guess you could say the clutter is still there, but in a more organized fashion!


As silly as this is, our pantry was a total wreck!  I decided to go down to the dollar store when I was in town one day and find different types of bins to help me organize my pantry! I love love the dollar store because "EVERYTHINGS" a dollar literally!  I definitely have to go in intending to only get what I am needing because even though it is the dollar store, it can easily turn into a lot of dollars spent! If you are looking for some easy cheap ways of organizing, check out what they got!  I know when I went there were several different colors, and sizes of buckets, bins ect.






Also all you people that have little kids know that kids like to help themselves sometimes right!  I actually started doing this after the other cooped up cowboys wife Candace did it!  She made a small area for Sheridan to be able to get into and get her own snacks.  I loved the idea and decided to make Traycen a bucket in our pantry where he could go in and get a healthy snack for himself at any time!  When your 3, it's all about the independence!  Gotta love it! Next to organize for this fall/winter, the closet!

Till next time!


Cooped Up Cowboys Wife Kirste